Steering Wheel Audio Control Integration

When you go shopping for a new radio for your car, one of the many questions the product specialist should ask you is whether your existing radio has steering wheel-mounted audio controls. Almost every aftermarket radio has provisions to accept a signal that will give you steering wheel audio control functions like volume, source selection,… Continue reading Steering Wheel Audio Control Integration

Fuses: To Serve and Protect!

Let’s face it: Accidents happen. Minimizing the collateral damage from an accident is important. When you have a mobile electronics system that includes installing an amplifier in your vehicle, a discussion about fuses or circuit protection should take place before the installation begins. Choosing the right device to ensure your system works as intended and… Continue reading Fuses: To Serve and Protect!

Basics of OEM Integration in Your Newer Vehicle

Installing a mobile audio system involves much more than just hooking up some wires and driving in a few screws. Almost all vehicle manufacturers have realized that some amount of audio system tuning will dramatically improve their customers’ experience. When you decide it’s time to upgrade your factory audio system, we need to take into… Continue reading Basics of OEM Integration in Your Newer Vehicle

What Is Android Auto?

When it comes to staying in touch with your family and friends while behind the wheel, we all know that it’s best to keep your cellphone in your pocket or purse. What do you do when you just have to communicate? Do it intelligently and safely with a smartphone integration system like Android Auto. Let’s… Continue reading What Is Android Auto?