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Rear Seat Entertainment and Seatback System Installation in New Jersey

Rear seat entertainment systems have been popular for decades, and for good reason. They entertain your backseat passengers during long (or short) drives, so you hear far fewer questions like, “Are we there yet?”

One of our clients shared, “We normally take a family vacation every year, and the drive can be nine to 10 hours. After getting a mobile video system installed, our three children didn’t start asking if we were almost there for eight whole hours. It sure made the drive a lot more enjoyable.” 

A popular option for mobile video systems is a power inverter to run your favorite video game console. The gamer in your family will love having this option for entertainment on long road trips. Video game console integration is possible on any rear seat entertainment system.

Types of Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

You don’t have to choose a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your mobile video equipment. Wireless headphones, sound integration with your car stereo, and a variety of installation locations let you pick what will best fit your vehicle.

Overhead Stereo System

An overhead video system is one that is mounted to the ceiling inside your vehicle. The units include integrated DVD players, auxiliary inputs, and headphone transmitters so your passengers can set their own volume individually. You can even plug in games, tablets, and phones and display those screens on the included video monitor. The most popular screen size is a 10” unit, which is large enough for third-row passengers to see.

Headrest Video Systems

Headrest video systems are unique in that the TV screens are mounted inside a custom headrest that matches the rest of your car’s interior. These systems look factory-installed. Built into this special headrest is an LCD monitor, up to two DVD players, auxiliary inputs, and USB ports. Some can connect to wireless headphones for quieter driving.

Seatback System

If your vehicle has an active headrest restraint, you’ll want to go with a seatback system over a headrest video system. This type of system includes a monitor with integrated DVD player that is installed directly behind the headrest on custom brackets. The slim design and coordinating material look pleasing in your vehicle, even if it’s obvious they’re an aftermarket product.

Value Headrest Systems

If you aren’t picky about how well your video headrest matches the rest of your car’s interior, universal headrest video systems are an affordable option that give you the opportunity to entertain your kids at a lower price. They come in black, tan, and gray, and simply replace your existing headrest.

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