5 Unique Ideas for Car Wraps on Your Luxury Vehicle

luxury vehicle car wrap

Make Your New Jersey Ride Stand Out and Look Its Best with a Vinyl Wrap from Auto Image

Vehicle wraps can enhance the look of your vehicle while making it stand out from the crowd. If you have a luxury vehicle, it may be to some degree because you want to express your individuality and love for automobiles. You’ve chosen the luxury model for a purpose, and you’re proud of how your vehicle looks and operates on New Jersey roads. As such, you want to keep it pristine, but make it your own.

Vinyl wraps protect your luxury car’s paint job from dings and scratches. They can also be designed to include any colors, messages, or images you choose. It’s like giving your vehicle a whole new paint job, but you can have the wrap easily removed at Auto Image if you want to change it or sell your vehicle.

Let’s look at some of the more unique ways owners have used vehicle wraps to express themselves, perhaps giving you some ideas of your own.

Chrome Car Wraps

A glossy chrome finish is a super-strong style statement that can complement a luxury car. Choose the chromed-out color and have it blend into black, silver, or red for a highly stylized look.

Consider wrapping only parts of your vehicle in chrome to highlight particular features like the spoiler. Shiny chrome vinyl wraps reflect the surroundings, so your vehicle looks different in every locale, reflecting landmarks and impressed onlookers. You’ll draw attention everywhere you go.

Promotional “See-Through” Truck Wraps

If you own a business with several trucks, you can employ the use of truck wraps to advertise what your company does. This can be as simple as displaying your logo, or you can think outside the box.

An interesting way to do so is to use your vehicle wrap as an optical illusion, making it appear that people can gaze into what’s inside. It’s a great way to show people what your business typically delivers, in a fun way that will get photos of your trucks trending on social media.

NASCAR-Themed Car Wraps

If you have a performance car such as a Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger, kitting it out in a NASCAR vehicle wrap complete with sponsors will simply make it look awesome.

It’s cool to ride around in a pseudo-NASCAR vehicle, and passers-by will instantly realize your passion for motorsports and performance vehicles. It’ll have you pretending you’re at a track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park!

Mind-Bending 3D Vinyl Wraps

A clever use of color on your car wraps can trick the human eye into thinking your vehicle is a different shape. This has been used to great effect as a form of ambient advertising, which is where advertisements appear in places people don’t expect.

One of the best examples in recent years was Copenhagen Zoo in Europe, in which they used a campaign on the local buses to drive up interest in their snake exhibit. The bus was wrapped in vinyl made from a high-resolution image of the bus, but the image was digitally manipulated to make it appear that it was being crushed by a huge snake.

Although you don’t have to drive around in a car being crushed by a giant reptile, you could get as creative as you’d like with your vinyl wrap.

Pop Art and Graffiti Car Wraps

Smaller vehicles like MINIs are great candidates for vinyl wraps, as wraps can make the vehicle’s unique personality shine through. A wrap with strong, dynamic colors in a pop art style or crazy, intricate graffiti says the person driving has a similarly huge personality.

They make the cars instantly stand out, and everyone on the street will have to take notice of your ultra-cool MINI terror.

Find Professional Car Wraps in New Jersey

Car wraps can include just about any design you desire, but remember to get them professionally installed by a team that lives and breathes car vinyl wraps.

Car wrapping requires intricate measurements, clever choice of color, and smart, limited use of text, if you’re opting for advertising your business on your ride.

The loudest possible vehicle wrap isn’t always the best option. You might be better served by a vinyl wrap with a muted color and style that complements your luxury vehicle’s original design – and our pros can help you decide.

Auto Image has long been considered by many New Jersey luxury car owners to be the only location to get their vehicle wraps installed. Businesses come to us for truck wraps, and our vinyl wraps are of the highest quality and will remain in perfect condition for years.

Schedule an appointment to talk about your vinyl wrap goals at either of our two locations in East Brunswick or Brick, NJ.