New Jersey Ceramic Coating Application

Special Protection Helps Prevent Cosmetic Paint Damage

When you first bought your car, you made it a point to park at the back of parking lots, away from any other vehicles that might make contact with your perfect exterior paint. As time went on, you found yourself parking closer and closer to the door because you realized minor scratches were inevitable. They don’t have to be! Ceramic coatings harden your vehicle’s factory paint by chemically bonding and creating a durable layer of protection to prevent future cosmetic paint damage.

3M Ceramic Coatings

At Auto Image, we exclusively use 3M ceramic coatings. This particular liquid polymer prolongs the life of your car’s paint and keeps it looking like new. It’s hydrophobic properties repel water and other contaminants, to help you keep your vehicle clean without a constant need for automotive detailing. 

3M coatings are proprietary, flexible, and shatterproof. They’re so reliable that commercial trucking companies, solar panel manufacturers, and airliners use them to prolong the lives of their equipment. 3M coatings come with a lengthy warranty – some with a lifetime warranty – when we professionally apply the coating to your vehicle at one of our two shop locations in Brick or East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Benefits of Applying Ceramic Coating

Special liquid polymers are great for preserving your vehicle in its best possible condition. Ceramic coating will:

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Your car’s exterior can look richer and glossier than ever before, while repelling dirt and water and preventing minor scratches with a ceramic protection application. 

For a perfect and smooth coating, bring your car, truck, SUV, or boat into one of our Jersey Shore locations. Make an appointment online, or over the phone.