Driver Safety Equipment

Cameras, Sensors, and More Keep New Jersey Drivers Alert & Safe

Aftermarket driver safety equipment is relatively new, first becoming available in the early 2000s. Auto Image was one of the first mobile car electronics stores to add the category to our inventory. These products include any item designed to make you a safer driver, including parking sensors, dash cameras, and blind-spot monitoring.

Prevent Bumps and Scrapes

Only about the size of a quarter, parking sensors use ultrasonic technology to alert you of an object in your path, usually as you enter or exit a parking space. The sensors sit flush with your bumper to improve your depth perception in any weather condition or time of day. 

Starting at about six feet away from an object, you’ll hear a series of slow beeps, which get faster when you reach two feet away and transition to a constant tone at one foot away. We recommend pairing these audible parking aids with a camera system for a more comprehensive solution that helps you defeat your blind spots and know exactly where your front or rear bumpers are.

While parking sensors generally are installed on the rear bumper of your car, you may also want a forward collision avoidance system, which alerts you if you start to drift out of your lane, or if you’re too close to the vehicle in front of you.

See All Around Your Vehicle

One of the most popular pieces of equipment in driver safety, a backup camera allows you to see what’s behind you so you can avoid accidents, injury, or property damage. The camera is connected to a monitor, which is positioned on your dashboard or rearview mirror for easy viewing.

Similar to a backup camera, blind spot systems show live video of your left-side or right-side blind spot when you activate a turning indicator. Some blind spot systems simply provide an audible alert if an object enters your blind spot. Either of these, when paired with a backup camera, prevent collisions while you operate your vehicle.

For more advanced safety options, choose a 360-degree camera system, which uses digital processing technology to show you a 360-degree image around your vehicle. Just like your backup camera, a monitor on your dash or rearview mirror displays the image, which is especially helpful when parking in close quarters, or if you need to check your surroundings before exiting your vehicle or driving away.

Dash cameras (DVR) protect you if you’re ever in an accident and you aren’t at fault. They also can help you and the police identify the guilty party in a hit-and-run or an accident you witnessed. Your DVR is always recording while you drive or are parked to provide evidence should your vehicle be approached or damaged. Dash cameras come in a forward-facing or front-and-rear combination options for extra protection.

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Driver Safety Electronics Service and Installation

Only properly-installed driver safety equipment functions as it is intended to help you drive with less risk of collision or fender benders. Get professional installation and learn to operate your new system at Auto Image, in Brick and East Brunswick.

Our team provides the highest-level of customer service as they help you find the equipment that’s right for you and install it in your vehicle. Stop by one of our two convenient locations and see why we’re the Jersey Shore’s choice for car electronics, year after year.