A Remote Start from Auto Image Won’t Harm Your Vehicle Warranty

Vehicle WarrantyAuto Image clients from Brick and East Brunswick who are shopping for remote car starters often ask us how they will affect their vehicle warranty. We think this is a great question and it presents us with an opportunity to explain our remote starter installation process. The short answer is no; it won’t affect your warranty. Don’t stop here; keep reading so we can explain why. The answer will not always be the same.

What Can Affect a New Vehicle Warranty?

Your new car, truck or SUV is protected by the manufacturer against things breaking or wearing out prematurely for a specific amount of time, or driving distance. Quite simply, if you do something to break the vehicle that is outside of normal wear and tear, it’s not going to be covered. An example would be needing a new engine because you ran over a concrete block and ripped open the oil pan. That is your problem, not the vehicle manufacturer’s.

Consumer Protection

Vehicle WarrantyIn 1974, Congress put into place the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. This Act stipulates that a manufacturer cannot deny a warranty claim unless they can prove that something you did, or something you had done, was directly responsible for damaging the vehicle. The Federal Trade Commission has an excellent web page that explains Auto Warranties located HERE.

Why a Remote Starter from Auto Image Will Not Void Your Warranty

When we install a remote starter in your vehicle, we use a combination of products and techniques to integrate the system into your car or truck. We design them specifically to prevent interference with or damage to your vehicle. Our staff are experts, and we invest in regular training to ensure we are up to date with the latest automotive technologies to provide our customers with the best service possible.

When we talk about our installation practices, we can only speak for our team of technicians. We have, unfortunately, seen cases where improperly installed remote starters or security systems have damaged vehicles.

What About a Remote Starter from the Dealer?

If a new vehicle remote starter is not part of a vehicle-specific option package, your dealer is likely having an aftermarket starter installed before you take delivery of the vehicle. You won’t know what brand of starter your dealer is installing. You won’t have a chance to discuss optional features. We suggest that being in full control of the products that are used on your vehicle is the best way to ensure reliability and satisfactory performance.

When it’s time for a remote starter that won’t affect your vehicle warranty, drop into Auto Image and speak with a member of our sales team.

You can reach us by e-mail at any time for more information.