Advantages of Getting Your Tires Mounted and Balanced at Auto Image

Tires MountedClients often come to Auto Image in Brick, New Jersey, to have their wheels and tires mounted and balanced. We recently invested in a Hunter Revolution tire-changing machine and a GSP9700 Road Force Touch balancing machine. These machines will ensure our clients drive away with perfectly balanced, safe wheel and tire packages every time.

Tires Mounted Perfectly Every Time

Tires MountedOur investment in the new Revolution tire-changing machine provides accurate and repeatable installations with minimum user interaction. The machine will load and unload the tire from the ground automatically. All we have to do is place the centering adapter on top and press the Go pedal. The Revolution will break the bead and remove tires from wheels between 12 and 30 inches in diameter with widths of up to 15 inches. Tires with an outside diameter of up to 50 inches are no sweat for the TCR1S Revolution tire-changing machine.

The Revolution removes the tire without touching the outer edge of the rim. There is no chance of your wheel being scratched or gouged in any way. The system is cognizant of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) sensors. We set the diameter of the wheel and note the location of the sensor, and the machine does the rest – quickly and safely. Tires are mounted evenly on the rims, and the integrated, automated inflation process helps to ensure that the bead is sealed correctly every time.

Tire Balancing for a Smooth and Straight Ride

Tires MountedMounting a tire on the wheel is only half the job. Ensuring that the tire is seated perfectly and balanced accurately is what ensures a smooth ride and safe operation for your vehicle. The Hunter Engineering GSP9700 Road Force Touch balancer incorporates a diagnostic load roller that helps to identify vibration and vehicle pull problems. The load roller can apply as much as 1,250 pounds of force on the tire during a simulated road test.

The Road Force Touch is fully automatic. The system checks to ensure the wheel is centered on the arbor, then automatically measures the wheel dimensions. The system uses Hunter’s SmartWeight feature to reduce the amount of weight added to your wheels while hiding those weights behind spokes whenever possible. The result is a smooth ride and an uncluttered look.

The GSP9700 includes Hunter’s StraightTrak feature to minimize the effect of lateral forces that can cause pulling from side to side. The system identifies the suggested location for each wheel and tire package on the car.

The Auto Image Experience

Some suppliers mount and balance your wheels and tires before shipping them to the retailer for installation. This system can save time, but what happens when something is not perfect? Our investment with the Hunter Engineering Company ensures that we can deliver a perfect ride each and every time. Moreover, if you need your tires replaced, or you need us to check the balance on a set of wheels we did not sell you, we can help.

Whether you are looking for a set of Fuel Avenger or Crush wheels for your pick-up truck, or Vossen CV3-R wheels for your luxury sedan, we have the tools and experience to ensure you get the combination of style and performance you expect. When it’s time for new wheels or tires for your ride, visit Auto Image in Brick, New Jersey. Our team of experts would be happy to help you out. You can reach us by e-mail for more information using our online contact form.