Auto Detailing by the Experts at Auto Image

Auto DetailingWhen it comes to auto detailing, the experts at Auto Image in East Brunswick, New Jersey, love to make cars and trucks look amazing! We can help keep your new car looking new, or restore your older vehicle to better-than-new condition. Our team of detailing veterans have the tools, materials, and skills to handle any cleaning or restoration challenge you throw at us.

Washing a Car Isn’t Easy

Protecting your vehicle starts with keeping it clean. Removing road grime, tar, tree sap, bird droppings and environmental fallout each require dedicated procedures and products. Even the wash mitts we use and the number of wash buckets we employ for each cleaning have been carefully chosen to help protect your vehicle from damage. The worst things you can do to your paint is to use a sponge and dish soap to clean it. You may as well rub the paint with sandpaper.

Paint Correction

Auto DetailingIs the finish of your paint a perfect mirror, or does your car or truck suffer from scratches, swirls or holograms? If your paint doesn’t shine like it’s supposed to, bring it to our detailing experts for paint correction. Our team can remove those blemishes and reveal a smooth, beautiful finish that glistens in the sun. Polishing paint isn’t for the faint of heart. One wrong move and it’s off to the paint shop for repair. Our experts use tools and techniques that ensure a smooth, even finish every time.

If your vehicle is in good shape, then maybe a quick clean with a clay bar after a thorough wash is all that is required to bring back the depth and clarity of the paint.

Paint Protection

There are hundreds of paint protection solutions on the market today. Premium waxes, synthetic waxes and paint sealants each offer different benefits and require different application methods. Our detailers have weeded through the products that make false claims, and the ones that don’t stand up over time. After sealing or waxing your vehicle, the shine will be magnificent. If you are looking for the ultimate protection, we can layer multiple materials one on top of another to form a durable layer of protection that looks stunning.

Interior Services

Auto DetailingDid you spill your coffee on your seat? Maybe your kids left candy in the door? We offer interior cleaning services like steam extraction that removes tough dirt and grime from carpets. We can remove most stains from cloth and leather seats. Cleaning the windows and dressing the dash, console, door panels and seats makes a car feel like new again.

Did you just purchase a previously-enjoyed vehicle? Tired of that musty smell in your classic car? Maybe you want to eliminate cigarette odor from the vehicle? We offer Ionization decontamination to make your interior smell like, well, nothing at all!

See the Auto Detailing Experts

From a weekly or monthly wash to a spring clean-up or special restoration project, the staff at Auto Image are ready to make your pride and joy look like new. We invite you to drive by our East Brunswick location and let one of our specialists inspect your vehicle. A visual and tactile inspection is the only way to accurately gauge what will be involved in detailing your vehicle to your expectations. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please give the store a call at 732-254-2727 or use our online e-mail form that is located HERE.