Be Winter Ready: The Benefits of Having a Remote Starter

family car with remote start

The Press of a Button Keeps You Warm During New Jersey Winters

Cold temperatures affect certain people more than others, but at a certain point, the cold gets dangerous for everyone: 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder, and you should take breaks to warm up at least every 20 minutes, or not go outside at all if wind chill temperatures are 13 degrees or colder. And just like it’s not good for you to be exposed to the cold, your car suffers, too!

Stay warm this winter while you drive and keep your vehicle in the best possible mechanical condition by getting a remote start system installed at a reputable auto accessories store, like Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Stay Comfortable in the Cold Weather

Enter your vehicle at an already comfortable temperature with a remote start with factory key fob or aftermarket remote start key fob. Choose either one to start your vehicle with your heater preset to the perfect temperature, so you can climb into a pre-warmed car during the winter season.

Simply pre-set your heating knobs before exiting your vehicle, and then press a button on your key fob to start your car. Your heater will begin raising the temperature inside your vehicle. Just wait a few minutes in the warmth of your home or office before sitting in the driver’s seat. By the time you’re ready to drive home – or anywhere else – your vehicle will be toasty and comfortable, just the way you like it.

Improve Resale Value of Your Car

An aftermarket remote starter increases the resale value of your car because it is a popular, in-demand car accessory, especially in areas with weather extremes, like New Jersey.

It’s true that a remote start system doesn’t affect your resale value as much as good mechanical functioning, mileage on the odometer, or body condition, but it can be a useful selling point, or at least one that breaks a tie between two vehicles in a buyer’s mind. You might even get a little more out of your trade-in at a dealership because of it.

Winter Safety Made Easy with a Remote Start

Aside from keeping you warm instead of waiting for your car to heat up as you shiver behind the wheel, your remote start is also a great safety accessory. Because you’re pre-heating your vehicle before you’re ready to head to your destination, you’re giving your car a much longer time to defrost.

This means less physical labor for you when it comes to scraping ice or removing snow from your windshield and windows. Warming your car also melts away the snow and ice accumulation that forms on your headlights or tail lights, so other drivers can see you better.

Remote Starts Protect Your Engine

There’s a reason people warm their cars before driving them, especially if they’re going to quickly be driving at higher speeds on the parkway or interstate. The engine must first warm up before your vehicle’s climate control begins blowing hot air. Using a remote start gives your car the time it needs to warm up and begin heating the cabin.

Warming up the engine before you drive thins your engine oil a little, so it more easily lubricates the moving parts of your engine and reduces the risk of damage from friction.

Remote Start Considerations

Before purchasing a remote start system for your car, you should consider a few important things.

First, consider the range you need on your remote. How far away can you be from your vehicle and still activate the remote start? That is the range of your system. For some people, they need only a very short range, like 1,500 feet. Others seek a remote start system with a longer range, such as 3,000 feet. Choosing the best range for you is very important because you want your remote start to work when you press the button on your remote from inside your house, as you come down the elevator of your office building, or while you’re paying for your groceries inside the supermarket.

Secondly, you should consider whether you’d like smartphone integration with your new system. Basic remote start systems work on a handheld remote that you can attach to your key ring. You simply press the button as you prepare to approach your vehicle, and your engine will start. However, modern aftermarket remote starters come with smartphone integration, the ability to operate your remote start from an app on your phone. Alternatively, smartphone integration can show you whether your car was started successfully, so you have peace of mind that you’ll be comfortable once inside your car.

Third, you should carefully choose the auto shop you take your car to, to have your new remote start system installed. Don’t choose just any mobile electronics shop that hires inexperienced labor! They’re working on electronic wiring, and you don’t want just anyone messing with that. Bad wiring mistakes can cause major issues down the road, so always choose the most reputable auto accessories store in your area. Up and down the Jersey Shore, that’s Auto Image in East Brunswick or Brick. With more than 30 years of trusted service, Auto Image employs factory-trained workers to ensure installation is done correctly and that your vehicle is returned to you in the same condition in which you brought it to us. Rest assured that our installers treat your vehicle like it’s their own when they install a brand-new remote start system in it.

The Jersey Shore’s Choice for Remote Starters

Remote starts are one of the most popular pieces of auto technology that we install every day. People love how convenient it is to start their cars at the press of a button and how much time they save waiting for their car to warm up or their windshields to defrost.

Talk to the experts at our car audio store for more information about our remote start products. Call our East Brunswick location at 732-254-2727, or our Brick location at 732-920-0606. You can also visit us at 437 NJ-18 in East Brunswick or at 10 Chambers Bridge Road in Brick.