Choosing the Best Aftermarket Truck Accessories

aftermarket truck accessories

Style Meets Function with the Top Aftermarket Truck Accessories in New Jersey

Do you have a truck and you are moving a lot of cargo? Working in the business of transportation and have a lot of items and/or tools in the back? Just want extra protection against the elements or need some advice to weatherize your vehicle in the New Jersey area? If you say yes to any of these questions, then come down to Auto Image auto store and service.

Auto Image has two locations for your convenience: East Brunswick, NJ and Brick, NJ. Since we opened our doors back in 1987, we have decades of knowledge and can reassure you with answers to questions you have about your car, your truck, your SUV, or almost any vehicle.

Your Truck Bed Liner Options

Auto Image specializes in truck bed liners – both spray-on and hard truck bed covers – to protect your truck bed or vehicle of choice against the unpredictable northeastern weather conditions (and to give better peace of mind when you are transporting cargo or heavy items).

We have different brands of spray-on liners, such as U-Pol and Herculiner Brush-On, along with Access and BedRug. If you are looking for a physical one with a skid-resistant surface to protect against bumps and brushes or more like a spray that covers against rust and has UV protection, we have you covered.

Complementary Accessories

We also have other products as well in both of our shops, such as bed covers that come in both hard and soft covers, with locks and other mechanisms that stay in place and give you more of a sense of security. Lighting that can be installed alongside your bed liner or bed cover can be turned on with a flick of a button on the panel of your vehicle.

Wheels and tires with brands such as Fuel, Motegi, Vossen, and Michelin are also available. We can easily set up your vehicle pressure and mounting system. With our over thirty years of experience, you can rely on us to get the job done.

Even if you are not looking for those kinds of accessories, we have a wide range of products such as audio installation, stereos, speakers, and others that you can get in-shop or buy and do it yourself if you choose. Check out our website to search around for our services and products; anything that you don’t see, you can also call the phone number of our shops to ask if we can order it in or carry it.

Truck Window Tints and Sun Protection

Besides bed liners, tires, wheels, and bed covers, we also offer window tints. The advantages of window tinting your vehicle is to protect yourself and the interior from the sun and save money by making your car or truck cooler.

There are several kinds of ways to do so, such as ceramic, carbon film, dyed, metalized, and hybrid to name a few, each with its advantages and disadvantages along with their price points. We will help pick out which one is the best for you. And if you want to test it out before coming to one of our locations, you can also do so online with our window tint simulator.

Truck Detailing

Besides the above, we also offer several other services, such as auto detailing from minor changes and fixes like paint sealing and mold remediation, to major ones like complete automotive detailing and overhauls.

We also offer security fixes and installation, such as using a two-way remote system that can interact with your smartphone along with other security measures that can help give you another peace of mind when you are up and about in the Shore or around New Jersey. This type of service is mainly by appointment only, but we are also open to walk-ins and welcome them.

Professional Aftermarket Truck Accessory Installation

Our workers are all trained professionals we screen and test to help you out. When you come into Auto Image, you are not treated as a consumer but as an enthusiast and someone special. Therefore, our stores are kept neat and organized, especially during such trying times. All of our workers wear face masks and follow social distancing guidelines along with using sanitation measures to make sure the store is one hundred percent safe for our clientele. We also offer free Wi-Fi.

So come on down to Auto Image for your truck bed liner and other upgrades, where our priority is making sure that you’re treated like royalty. Stop by and see us at our Brick or East Brunswick locations today to shop for all your truck accessory needs!