Choosing the Best Tires for Your Off-Roading Vehicle

Ride Out in Style on New Wheels and Tires from Auto Image in New Jersey

If all vehicles were outfitted with rims and tires that served solely utilitarian purposes, we’d never have some of the hottest, most beastly trucks that we see on the roads and trails today.

When it comes to your ride, aesthetics are just as important as functionality, and you want your truck or SUV looking and driving perfectly in time to take advantage of upcoming warmer spring weather.

Let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing the best tires for your vehicle, plus explore some options from Fuel, a wheel and tire brand that offers tough products for offroading.

Technical Considerations for New Wheels and Tires

Before spending any money on new tires for your truck or SUV, you’ll want to consider a few key elements to ensure you’re getting what you need for the type of driving you do. You might want all-season tires, or you could be looking for off-road tires.

Know what size tires you’ll need to purchase. You can determine what size tires you need by reading your vehicle’s owner’s manual, or by purchasing tires that are required based on whether you’ve lifted your vehicle.

And finally, you’ll want to consider the type of tire tread you’re looking for. An aggressive tread can give you more grip in muddy, loose terrain, but an all-terrain tire is more versatile. Off-road tire treads are usually radial or bias-ply.

Radial tires have plies horizontally across the tire’s surface, at 90 degrees. This allows for less rolling resistance and creates a smoother ride. Generally, most tires are radials, although they are not quite so common in the off-road tires segment. If you’re looking to drive on pavement with your tires and are only seeking an off-roading aesthetic, then radials are a likely choice.

Bias-ply tires are better for off-road use. They have shared casing plies for their tread and sidewalls. Bias-ply tires have crisscrossed steel layers at a 30-degree angle. This improves tire flexibility and gives better traction. If you truly use your truck or SUV for off-roading adventures, you’ll want aggressive bias-ply tires.

Where Tire Aesthetics Come Into Play

Today’s pick-up truck owner is just as concerned with how their ride looks as they are with how it functions. That’s why tire manufacturers are putting in more effort into the shoulder and sidewall designs of their tires. This allows the truck owner to customize the way their vehicle looks, while still getting the major benefits of an off-road tire.

Tire industry professionals are able to predict trends in off-roading tires, like:

To stay abreast of the tire trends, you’ll want to look for an off-roading tire with intricate tread and sidewall construction, with a gnarly look. One brand that offers tires like these is Fuel, which you can find at Auto Image in East Brunswick and Brick, New Jersey.

Fuel Off-Road Tires

Gripper Tires from Fuel is designed to endure harsh off-roading conditions, while still being fully functional for the paved roads you drive on every day. And with R-17- to R-30-inch applications, there’s a Gripper Tire for your truck.

Fuel Rims

This year’s Fuel rims are made to exacting standards to complement the look and use of your truck, and to perfectly match your new Fuel tires.

Where to Find Fuel Rims and Tires in New Jersey

Auto Image, your mobile electronics and auto accessory store, located in Brick, New Jersey, and East Brunswick, New Jersey, can get you any Fuel rim or tire that you desire and install them onto your vehicle.

Visit our showrooms, where you can see the beauty and majesty of these beefy off-roaders and learn more about how they can upgrade how your truck drives on the roadways and off. You’ll find us at 437 NJ-18 in East Brunswick and at 10 Chambers Bridge Road in Brick.