Choosing the Best Window Tinting for Your Ride

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Window Tint Types Perform Differently in Brick and New Brunswick, New Jersey

Not all window tint is created equally. Depending on the type, it performs and even looks differently. They also come at all price points, so nearly everyone can afford to reap the benefits of tinting their car windows.

Understanding the benefits of each type of window tinting is key to determining which kind of film you should have professionally installed on your ride’s windows. (And professional installation at a tint shop like Auto Image is the best choice; not only does coming to us ensure your film is perfectly installed, but you can get a warranty on both the installation and the film itself).

Types of Window Tint Film

There are four types of window tints that the pros most commonly use:

Dyed Window Film

The most affordable of window tint options, dyed window film is made by adding a dark dye to the film. The dye is responsible for absorbing heat from the sun. It blocks some UV rays, but doesn’t do it as well as other window tint products. The dye also can fade over time, which means this tint’s main benefit is improving the look of the exterior of your car.

Metalized Window Tinting

Metalized window tint reflects sunlight. It also redirects heat and UV rays away from your car windows, thanks to small metallic particles within the film. Unfortunately, these same particles can interfere with your GPS, radio, or cell phone signals.

Metalized film comes with extra benefits, though. For example, it will hold your windows together should they shatter in a car accident. They’re also much more durable and scratch-proof than dyed film.

Carbon Window Tint Film

Carbon window film performs exceptionally by blocking 40 percent of the UV rays from the sun and keeping your car comfortable during hot summer months. Carbon film does not contain any metallic particles, so you don’t experience the same reception issues like with metalized film. It also won’t fade and has an elegant matte finish, making it a great option for making your ride look more classy and cool.

Ceramic Window Tint Film

Professionals consider ceramic film to be the best material available. Although it is the most costly, its benefits make it a worthwhile investment.

Using a nonconductive and nonmetallic ceramic particle, ceramic window film reduces solar heat by up to 50 percent, so you don’t need to run your air conditioner on high for the entire duration of your car trip. The film also blocks 99 percent of UV light, reducing your risk of skin damage and the chance your car interior will fade and crack in the sun.

Ceramic film keeps your visibility crystal clear, and it’s very durable and fade-resistant. With ceramic window film, your windows become shatter-resistant.

Window Films at a Tint Shop Near You

Your local window tint shop, Auto Image, carries four major types of window tints from Solar Gard and 3M.

Choosing the Best Window Tinting for You

Now that you know the benefits of each type of window tint, you can begin to weigh your options and make the choice of what type to have installed on your car’s windows. At Auto Image, we provide a handy window tint visualization tool for you to see the look of each type of tint on your vehicle.

Aside from testing out aesthetics, here are additional considerations for choosing the best window tint for you.

  1. Review your state’s window tinting rules. Just as window tint comes in various darkness levels, different states, too, have varied laws you must follow. The darkness of a tint is measured by how much light can pass through it. Tint that is too dark could be illegal in some states, and you can be pulled over and ticketed for it. The only way to fix a tint that is too dark is to remove it.
  2. Talk to a window tinting professional at a tint shop near you. Not only can a professional explain window tint laws to you, but they can also help match you with a tint to fit your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. Then, they’ll flawlessly install your new window tint, sometimes the very same day.
  3. Carefully maintain your new window tint. If you choose to DIY your own window tint, read the care recommendations on the package. If you have a professional at Auto Image install your window tint, you’ll need to follow the instructions they share with you for cleaning and protecting your new window tint: avoiding rolling down your windows or cleaning them for about 10 days after application, and never using an ammonia-based cleaning solution.

Trust Auto Image for Window Tinting in East Brunswick or Brick

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