DIY versus Professional Window Tint Installation: What You Need to Know

close up of car window tint application

Pros and Cons of Each Car Window Tinting Option

Professional window tint installation is one of the most common aftermarket car upgrades drivers get at Auto Image. Although window tint lacks the bells and whistles of a new car audio system, it remains one of the most popular upgrades because it’s practical, affordable, and does a lot in terms of interior protection and privacy. Window tint can also add some style points to virtually any vehicle, including your grandparent’s old station wagon with the wood paneling.

Car window tinting itself isn’t a hard sell. Professional window tint installation, however, is a topic of much debate among car aficionados and DIYers.

We get it – why pay for installation when you can perform it yourself? To put this nicely, the results we’ve seen from self-installers are decidedly mixed.

In this blog, we’ll compare the pros and cons of DIY window tint installation and professional window tint installation to help you make an informed choice. We’ll also provide some information on how to find car window tinting near you in the New Jersey area.

DIY Window Tint Installation: What to Know Before You Attempt It

DIY window tint installation means that you’ll attempt the entire process yourself. Naturally, you have probably already located several promising instructional YouTube videos and WikiHow guides. Most window tint installation guides include the following steps:

As detailed as these guides are, the onus is on the installer to follow them with precision.

Pros of DIY:

Cons of DIY:

Professional Window Tint Installation: Expertise Comes at a Price (And It’s Worth It)

Drivers who opt for professional installation of their window tint must leave their vehicle with the installation crew for approximately two to four hours. Speed of the install is determined by the size of your vehicle’s windows and the installation team’s workload. When multiple installers are working on the same car at the same time, the process goes by much faster.

After the installation is complete, drivers are debriefed on the dos and don’ts regarding their window tint as it cures. For example, drivers should avoid applying any cleaners to the inside of their windows for at least a week and avoid ammonia-based cleaning products after that. Other than this restriction, drivers can operate their vehicles as they normally do and enjoy all the perks of their newly installed window tint.

Pros of professional installation:

Cons of professional installation:

Factors to Consider When Weighing Your Options

If you’re still on the fence about DIY versus professional window tint installation, here is some additional food for thought.

Ensure Your Window Tint Gets Installed Right the First Time at Auto Image

In the DIY versus professional window tint installation debate, the best choice depends on your priorities, skill level, and budget. If you’re confident in your abilities and have the time to spare, DIY may be a cost-effective solution. On the other hand, if you prioritize a flawless finish, value your time, and are willing to invest a bit more upfront, professional installation may be the way to go.

The best way to get started is to get a quote on professional window tint installation so that you can compare it to the DIY route. After you get a rough figure on how much you stand to save, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your installation options.

Because window tint products vary in price, we suggest visiting one of our Auto Image locations in Brick or East Brunswick, New Jersey. One of our team members can walk you through window tint products and pricing. After you’re up to speed on car window tinting products, you can book your installation to kick off the process.

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