How to Safely Use an Aftermarket Remote Vehicle Starter

aftermarket remote car starters

Follow These Tips to Maximize Safety When Using a Remote Starter in Brick and East Brunswick

Waking up in the morning and facing the drive to work is daunting enough without having to deal with starting a cold car or shivering as you scrape ice off your windows. On the flip side, during the summer months, we all know how suffocating it can be getting into a vehicle that has been baking in the sweltering sun all day.

With a remote starter, you can easily solve the problem of cold winter starting or getting into a vehicle that feels like an oven during the summer. If your vehicle didn’t come with a factory-installed remote starter, an aftermarket remote starter is the perfect answer.

Aftermarket Remote Starters

If you live in the New Jersey area, you know all about dealing with a cold vehicle on those frigid early winter mornings and sweltering summer days. Finding a reputable installer of aftermarket vehicle accessories can be a godsend when all you want is a little comfort and convenience in your vehicle.

That’s where we come in. At Auto Image East Brunswick and Auto Image Brick, we hook you up with all your auto accessory needs. Our product specialists and professional installers can show you a full range of remote starters, ensuring you find the perfect remote start fob for your needs and budget.

Remote starters can be as basic as starting your vehicle at the push of a button to more advanced systems that can tightly integrate with a number of your car’s features. Even if you have a car that doesn’t use a traditional key, you can still get an aftermarket remote car starter that uses the factory fob. To install a remote starter on a key that has a fob, the installation of an antenna on your windshield to facilitate the communication of your remote starter system with your vehicle’s factory security features will be required.

Remote Car Starter Safety

Most aftermarket remote vehicle starters have a range of around 800 feet, a distance that will serve the needs of most users. Because remote starters are meant for safety, as well as convenience, almost all automotive experts advise that you ask a professional to install your remote car starter.

Once you’ve gotten your remote start system installed, we advise you to take basic precautions when using a remote starter. For example, avoid remotely starting your vehicle in a closed garage in order to avoid carbon monoxide buildup. Keep your fob up high or in a place where you won’t accidentally press the button, and don’t leave your vehicle running unattended for long.

If any one of these issues are a concern to you, more advanced remote starters use a two-way remote system that lets you know that the command has been executed successfully. Some remote car starting systems even come with a feature that allows you to operate the system through an app on your smartphone, with the added advantage that internet connectivity can give you an unlimited range for starting your vehicle. Any of these are great options to give you a little more peace of mind – after all, what good is a little convenience if it makes you worry more?

Viper SmartStart with Siren Security System

If you’re serious about keeping yourself and your car safe, you’re in luck. At Auto Image, we offer remote starter systems with Viper SmartStart telematics. These can be used to not only remotely start your vehicle but also to lock or unlock your vehicle. You can even pop the trunk with it, and if you have a convertible, the Viper SmartStart can even raise and lower your convertible top. If you opt for a premium service plan, your SmartStart system will include GPS vehicle location finding and speed warnings.

Another feature on the Viper SmartStart is a siren security system to protect your vehicle from theft or intrusion through an interface that is included at no additional cost. The system will also deliver alert notifications to you through push notification, text, or email, keeping you fully informed of what’s happening with your vehicle at all times.

The system will also track vehicle status, notifying you of things like whether doors are open or closed or if the hood is unlatched. It can even send you information related to diagnostic engine trouble codes. Talk about maximum convenience!

Another outstanding feature of Viper SmartStart is the ability to monitor multiple vehicles through a single account. This will allow tracking of vehicle locations at all times, which is great for a parent that wants to make sure their teen drivers stay safe.

Getting the Best Remote Starter for You From Auto Image in New Jersey

The professional sales staff at Auto Image can show you these features and how to use them. As an authorized dealer for Viper SmartStart in New Jersey, our professional installers are specially trained to install this and other systems and make sure all the features are working properly. Whatever vehicle you drive, you can improve your safety and security with a high-quality remote vehicle starter system from Auto Image. Call us today at 732-254-2727 for our East Brunswick store or at 732-920-0606 for our Brick store.