See and Be Seen with Automotive Lighting Upgrades

Trick Out Your Ride at the Jersey Shore’s Top Auto Services Store

The aftermarket light kits you install on your vehicle changes the whole aesthetic and sets your ride apart from everyone else’s. But light is one of your vehicle’s most important safety features, too. Whether you drive a rugged off-road truck or a daily commuter car, Auto Image offers premium products and expert installation to make sure you can see and be seen while driving.

Upgraded Headlights

One of our most popular lighting services is upgrading factory headlights with new, premium halogen bulbs that outperform the ones installed in your vehicle when it was built. High-efficiency LED options provide more than twice as much light and instant output, making them perfect for high-beam upgrades.

HID kits provide the most possible output, ensuring you can see clearly and avoid obstacles even at freeway speeds. We also offer several brands of aftermarket headlight assemblies for every budget, so if your original lights are worn or damaged, one of our kits can save you money over an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solution.

Accessory and Accent Lighting in East Brunswick and Brick

Brighter dome lights, dashboard accent lights, underseat lighting, or multicolored LED strips that keep time to your music. All are options you can choose from to personalize your vehicle. Accent lighting and accessory lighting make your car, truck, or SUV like none other on the road, and make driving more fun, too.

Jeep and Truck Lights for Off-Roading

Your dedicated trail rig needs high-performance lighting for safety. See the trail in front of you, as clearly as day time, so you can finish your adventure after the sun sets.

LED light bars, LED cube lights, flood lights, spot lights, combination lights, and rock lights are just a few of our off-road solutions we can install on your truck to help you see clearly in all circumstances and in every location on the trail.

Make An Appointment For Lighting Upgrades

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New Jersey’s Best Lighting Installers

Once you’ve picked out your new light kit, leave it to us to light up your ride. Our installation pros can handle everything from a simple bulb replacement to the integration of a new Canbus-compatible lighting kit, so you get the most from your new system.

We make sure the power for your new lights is sourced acceptably, install switches and panels to intuitively control  your lights, and fuse your upgrades to keep your vehicle’s wiring safe. Finally, our installers will aim your new light kits so that they light up exactly where they should for your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road.

Visit our showrooms in East Brunswick and Brick to see our huge selection of lighting solutions in person, six days a week.