Paint Protection is One of the Best Investments for Your Vehicle

Paint ProtectionKeeping your vehicle looking like new with paint protection film is one of the many services offered at Auto Image in East Brunswick and Brick. We cannot always protect our vehicles from the little chips and scratches that, over time, make our pride and joy look worn out. A proper regimen of washing and waxing your car or truck will go a long way toward keeping it looking great for years. This article will explain the benefits of these films and how they can keep your car looking brand-new.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint ProtectionPaint protection film is a transparent product we can apply to your bumper, hood, fenders, rocker panels, door handles, mirrors or any surface that needs protection. The film is constructed from tough and durable urethane plastic. After we clean and level the surface of your paint, our team of expert installers will apply the film and work out any bubbles. Once the film is in place, it is virtually invisible.

Prevents Damage from the Environment

The paint on your car is like your skin. It protects the body underneath from the elements. If it is not cared for, eventually you run into significant problems. A stone chip or scratch from a rock, gravel or salt can expose metal that can start to corrode quickly. Constant abuse from sand and dust can dull your paint finish.

The top layer of our protection film has self-healing properties. That’s right: A scuff or scratch will slowly disappear over time. As a result, your car looks like nothing ever happened.

Prevents Staining from Bugs and Tar

The summer months mean road construction and lots of bugs. Tar deposits and bug splatter that contains acids can quickly damage and discolor your paint. If you have a white or gray car, the damage can be more pronounced. The protective film layer is nearly impervious to stains and will help maintain the value of your automotive investment.

Prevents Damage in Parking Lots

Paint ProtectionWhen you park your car, you hope that the drivers around you worry about your vehicle as much as you do. Door dings, fender scuffs and scratches from shopping carts can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair. Protecting your bumpers with paint protection film will help guard against damage from these onslaughts. We have seen cases where damage from a small accident or someone trying to “key” a vehicle has been minimized or eliminated on panels that are protected with paint film.

Our film can be washed and waxed just like the factory paint finish. The film has a high-gloss surface that will equal the best factory paint finishes on the market.

Colored Vinyl and Wraps

If you are looking for a unique alternative to protecting your paint or a way to enhance the style of your vehicle, we have a wide selection of solid-color vinyl options. We can change the color of your entire vehicle or wrap the hood and roof for a more aggressive look.

Shield your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film

We invite you to visit Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick, New Jersey. A member of our sales team would be happy to demonstrate the durability and protective qualities of our paint film. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote to protect your vehicle and enhance its appearance. You can contact us using our online FORM for more information.