Product Spotlight: AudioControl DM-810 Digital Signal Processor

Over the past decade, the popularity of digital signal processing (DSP) in aftermarket audio systems has grown immensely. AudioControl, the long-time industry leader in signal processing, has launched its first foray into this market with a product called the DM-810. The DM-810 offers eight channels of input and 10 output channels, making it one of the more flexible processors on the market.

Signal Connections and Controls

The AudioControl DM-810 features both pre-amp level inputs capable of accepting up to 8V of signal and speaker level inputs capable of accepting an impressive 40 V. Channels 1 and 2 are equipped with AudioControl’s GTO (Great Turn-On) circuit to turn on the processor automatically and activate a remote turn-on output for your amplifiers. These same channels feature MILC (Maximum Input Level Control) monitoring. Once the input signal level is optimized, an LED on top of the processor will illuminate. Each pair of channels also has a dedicated input signal optimization LED. AudioControl uses digitally controlled input level attenuators for excellent channel-to-channel consistency. Balanced differential inputs on all channels help to ensure maximum performance with excellent noise rejection.

The DM-810 offers both a coax and a fiber optic TOSLINK input for connection to digital outputs from source units or MOST integration units. An option port on the right side of the front panel provides connectivity to a forthcoming Bluetooth interface or the ADS Maestro AR vehicle integration interface.

The 10 output channels provide maximum flexibility when designing a system. Each output can produce up to 10 V of signal and an output voltage optimization LED is included for each. Be cautious: 10 volts is more than many amplifiers can accept, so make sure to optimize the output voltage for your selected amplifier. An internal jumper for each pair of channels will reduce the maximum output to 5 V.

AudioControl’s ACR-3 remote control is compatible with the DM-810. This control can select from the four preset memories or adjust output levels. The DM Smart DSP software allows you to select which pairs of channels are controlled by the ACR-3.

Signal Processing Features

One of the most unique and powerful features of the Smart DSP software is the integrated input signal spectrum analyzer. In the past, you would have had to connect a stand-alone RTA to each pair of channels from a factory head unit and amplifier to ensure having a full-bandwidth signal. Smart DSP lets you do that on-screen and saves a lot of time. Input level adjustments include gain and an input delay function to help undo factory signal delay processing. All of the input adjustments are made in pairs, except channels 5 and 6, which are independently adjustable.

For signal processing, the DM-810 includes high- and low-pass crossovers that are adjustable from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. You can select from 12 or 24 dB/octave filtering and combine the filters to produce a bandpass output for each pair of channels. Signal delay is adjustable for each channel in precision steps. Each pair of channels also features AccuBASS. AccuBASS processing allows you to boost low-frequency output above a preset threshold to warm up the sound of the system without making it boomy at low levels.

You have the choice of 10-, 14- or 30-band equalization for each output screen. Adjustments are on 1/3-octave frequency spacing, and you can cut or boost the signal in 0.1 dB steps. AudioControl has included an automatic equalization function to flatten the electrical output signal to make it easy to “start from scratch” when it comes to tuning. That is very cool!

Each pair of channels has an output summing function that lets you choose which input feeds them a signal. This signal sourcing flexibility will let you maintain fader control from factory and aftermarket source units. Channels 1 through 8 operate in pairs. Channels 9 and 10 can have all their settings adjusted independently. You also have buttons to invert the polarity of the channels, have them operate in mono, and link the first two or third and fourth channel pairs together. The Dashboard gives you a nice overview of all the settings for the selected channels.

Check Out The AudioControl DM-810

AudioControl has done an amazing job of making the DM-810 easy for both novice and experienced installers to use. The frequency analyzer is a unique feature that can help save your installer time during installation. If you are in the market for an OEM integration processor or a stand-alone DSP, visit your local authorized AudioControl dealer right away!