Product Spotlight: Compustar PRO T11

Compustar PRO T11When it comes to remote car starter features and performance, the Compustar PRO T11 from Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick is the industry reference. With an IPX-7 waterproof rated LCD remote that provides up to three miles of range, no other remote starter in the industry can match the durability and convenience of the PRO T11. Let’s look at this system, also known as the 2WT11-SS, in detail.

Longest Range Remote

Compustar PRO T11Using Digital Spread Spectrum technology, the primary remote of the T11 will let you start your car from inside a large building or even while in the air on your descent into Newark Liberty International Airport! The remote is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. A micro-USB port on the top of the remote makes it easy to recharge the battery from your computer or even your car radio.

The PRO T11 system includes a second 1-Way, four-button. 1-mile range remote for other family members. Compustar backs the remotes with a three-year warranty. The control module carries a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Intuitive LCD Interface

The LCD remote displays confirmation that whatever function you have requested has been received and executed by the system. You can also see how much run time is left, and even check the interior temperature of the vehicle (with optional hardware). The five buttons on the remote provide instant access to locking, unlocking, remote start and trunk release functions.

Compustar PRO T11Vehicle Compatibility

Compustar PRO T11Our installation technicians can install the Compustar PRO T11 on almost any vehicle on the road. Most diesel, gasoline, and hybrid drivetrain vehicles are compatible. We can integrate with push-to-start and keyless entry vehicles. Moreover, Compustar offers the best manual transmission remote start solution in the industry.

New Jersey’s Remote Car Starter Experts

When it’s time to shop for a remote car starter, visit the Auto Image location nearest to you. Our team will let you know what options are available for your vehicle and arrange for our expert technicians to install the system. If you have questions, send us an e-mail using our contact FORM or give us a call.