Take Your Truck to New Heights With a Lift Kit

Truck lift kit

Plus, Other Top Truck Accessories to Turn Your Truck Into a Beast

Trucks are the ultimate utility vehicle, and a lifted truck is even better! For most truck owners, buying a top-of-the-line lift kit is a rite of passage. So, are truck accessories like lift kits really worth your hard-earned cash?

The answer across the country is “Yes!” Lift kits and other auto accessories are the best way to take full advantage of your truck. Take a look at how Auto Image breaks down the benefits of lifting your truck and how you can make your drive even better with the top truck accessories on the market.

Enhance Your Truck’s Handling

When you lift your truck, you get a lot more ground clearance. This means it’s easier to get over obstacles that would normally pose a problem. You’ll be able to handle bumps, curbs, railroad tracks, potholes, and everything else life throws at you with ease.

Take your drive off-road, maneuver through rough terrain, and drive over ruts and rocks like a professional. With a lifted truck, you can go just about anywhere!

Take It to the Next Level Truck Accessories: Your truck is tough, but the paint could always use a little extra protection. Talk to the experts at Auto Image about truck paint protection film. It can shield your truck from scratches and dents from the most abrasive debris.

Increase Your Towing Ability With the Right Lift Kit

One of the best parts about owning a truck is your ability to haul and tow almost anything you need. Lifted trucks usually have a better towing ability than stock trucks, because they offer more weight and a better safety advantage against the load you’re towing.

It’ll be a breeze to tow a boat or trailer in a lifted truck. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is having to help your friends move when they find out how much more towing capacity your truck has.

Take It to the Next Level Truck Accessories: Another thing you need to worry about is theft. Don’t spend a lot of money upgrading your truck with the best auto accessories just to have someone break into it. Auto Image can install the latest truck security systems to keep you and your valuables safe.

Get Bigger Tires and a Better View

When you install a lift kit, you’ll be able to equip your truck with the biggest and baddest tires on the market. Bigger tires enhance your truck’s overall performance, because you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the mud, sand, or snow.

A lift kit combined with bigger tires ensures you can see the road a lot better. This means you can easily avoid potential road hazards and see traffic jams further down the road, which allows you to take quick detours in order to avoid them.

Take It to the Next Level Truck Accessories: The experts at Auto Image can install truck steps, running boards, and nerf bars that make it ultra-easy to get into your truck. Talk to a member of our team to see which style is right for you.

Lift Kits Make Your Truck Look Really Impressive

Nothing looks cooler than a monster truck rolling down the road or blazing through tough trails. While you can’t legally drive a monster truck on city streets, a lifted truck gives a similar impression.

In fact, a lift kit, bigger wheels, and custom vinyl wrap from Auto Image can turn your stock truck into a beast that looks just as menacing as the most eye-catching monster trucks.

Take It to the Next Level Truck Accessories: Make the inside of your car as cool as the outside, literally, with a truck remote start. Turn the AC on in your truck before you get into the driver’s seat to avoid this summer’s sweltering heat. Auto Image can even install a truck remote start that works with your smartphone!

Auto Image Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Truck Accessories in New Jersey

With truck accessories from Auto Image, you can drive your truck out of your dreams and onto the road. Enhance your ride with the latest in lift kits and suspension kits that come in a variety of options and heights.

If Auto Image doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll custom-build a lift kit for you! To learn more about how we can take your truck from a bore to a beast, call our East Brunswick location at (732) 254-2727, our Brick shop at (732) 920-0606, or send us a message online.

We also specialize in paint protection! Talk to our experts about ceramic coating for your truck, so you can get protection from salt, rocks, UV rays, and more.