The Importance of Car Security Systems

car security system

The Benefits of Purchasing an Aftermarket Car Alarm at Auto Image in New Jersey

For most people, their vehicle is their livelihood. Even if it’s an older model with high mileage, it’s the one thing you rely on to get from point A to point B every day. How would you get to and from work every day without your ride? How would you go out with friends on the weekends? And how could you complete errands for your family without your own set of wheels?

In most parts of the United States, owning a vehicle is a necessity and a lifeline, so it’s vital that you protect it from crimes of opportunity. It’s important that you equip your vehicle with the right tools to keep it safe. Auto Image can help.

Choose the Best Car Security System for Your Situation

There’s more to car security systems today than just a loud, annoying alarm noise, although that option is still available. Each system has its own pros and cons, and it’s ultimately up to you to determine which of these are best for you. A professional technician at Auto Image in East Brunswick and Brick, New Jersey, can answer any questions you have to help you make a decision.

Some people choose to combine multiple systems to create a comprehensive protection package for their vehicle. In the aftermarket car alarm world, this is often the best idea because it provides layers of protection against theft and increases the chance your vehicle will be recovered if it is ever stolen.

Car Alarms

The least expensive solution is a standard car alarm. Most vehicles have something similar installed on them. When the system is triggered, either by attempting to break in or by standing too close to the vehicle, a loud alarm sounds to attempt to scare off would-be thieves.

These are available in passive and active systems. A passive system is automatically activated when you turn the engine off and close and lock the doors. An active system requires you to press a button on your key fob to arm and disarm the alarm.

The downside to a standard car alarm today is that many people are so used to hearing them, that they don’t even react. So while a first-time thief might be deterred by a loud alarm, your vehicle isn’t likely to attract the attention of the neighborhood just because the alarm is going off.

Car Tracking Systems

Car trackers are an excellent option that can help police locate your vehicle in the event that it is stolen. They aid in recovery and can shorten the amount of time you’re left without your vehicle.

Car tracking systems use OBD or GPS technology. An OBD tracker plugs into the OBD port of any vehicle, without any special wiring or tools required. Other trackers are wired into your car’s battery supply and attach via magnets or other methods, leaving your OBD port free.

These systems use a phone app or website that tells you exactly where your vehicle is at any given time, so in the event your car is stolen, you simply open the app, and voila!

Most car tracking systems go unnoticed by thieves looking to take a joy ride, but because they are removable, it’s possible for a thief to avoid being tracked, if they’re clever enough.

Immobilizing Anti-Theft Device

Most modern vehicles come equipped with a version of this anti-theft device. It requires the key to the vehicle to start it. Inside each key fob is a chip that the vehicle reads when you insert it into the ignition. Without it, your car isn’t going anywhere, even if a thief attempts to hot-wire it.

An immobiliser must be wired into your ignition to be effective, so professional installation is a must to ensure it works as intended. More advanced immobilizing devices are integrated with tracking systems – just in case.

The Biggest Benefits of Vehicle Protection Systems

Aside from preventing someone from stealing your vehicle, these security systems have an important added benefit you may never have thought of.

Professionally-installed security systems, including alarms, trackers, and immobilisers, can actually lower your monthly car insurance premium. If you have any of these systems installed on your vehicle, or if you’re planning to, be sure to tell your insurance agent. You may be in for a hefty discount.

Auto Image East Brunswick and Auto Image Brick are Your Source for Car Alarms

When you’re ready to start saving big money on your insurance premiums and get serious about keeping your vehicle safe from criminals, come visit one of our Auto Image locations on the Jersey Shore, and one of our professional technicians will install the security system of your choice into your vehicle the very same day.

We stock premium-quality vehicle security products, including those made by Viper, the leading company in the security industry. Each system includes a shock sensor, which activates your new car alarm from impact, not motion, so you’re less likely to get a false alarm. Two-day systems tell you when your vehicle is secured and sends you a notification if there’s any suspicious activity.

And, when you buy and install at Auto Image, you get a lifetime warranty on our work, so you have the peace of mind in knowing the leading car electronics company on the Jersey Shore has your back.

So, when you think of your car, let the two things that come to mind first be Auto Image and security. Visit us at 437 NJ-18 in East Brunswick or at 10 Chambers Bridge Road in Brick.