Top Reasons to Get Your Car Wrap done at Auto Image

Car WrapAuto Image in Brick and East Brunswick is a vehicle restyling specialist in business since 1987. One of the most dramatic changes you can do to the appearance of your car, truck or SUV is a car wrap.  Or, as others call it, a vehicle wrap. Maybe the vehicle you bought didn’t come in the color you wanted. The deal on it was too good to be true, but after you had owned it for awhile, you knew it needed to be a different color. So, what’s a person to do? In years past, you would go to a body shop and spend several thousands of dollars changing the color. And you hoped the quality of the new paint job was going to be equivalent to factory paint. Not to mention, if you wanted a color or finish that was wild, you dramatically diminish the pool of people who might buy it when you’re ready to sell. In the end, the resale value is compromised. So, what do you do? It’s simple- you get a car wrap from Auto Image!

Colors Galore

Car WrapSo you bought this car that has beautiful body lines, but it is a boring shade of silver. You want something bolder, something exciting. Maybe a yellow, orange, or even a candy apple red? When you get a car wrap from us, the color options are limitless. We can add multiple colors to one vehicle. If you want a black roof, no problem. Maybe a carbon fiber hood? We can do that as well.

Pick Your Finish Option

So, you know the color you want…but did you know we can do different finishes as well? Yep, we can do a flat, matte, or glossy finish. We even have brushed metal and chrome looks. For the ultimate in differentiation, consider one of our color-flipping options. For example, a finish that looks blue at certain angles and purple at other angles.

How About Some Stripes?

Have you always wanted racing stripes on your car? Or maybe some stripes on the side of your SUV that make it resemble one of your favorite vehicles from the past? As mentioned above, we can wrap the hood, roof, or trunk lid. Or everything! Your customization options are almost endless.

Protect Your Investment With a Car Wrap

Car WrapCar wraps have two great benefits to your vehicle when it comes to resale value. First, the vinyl protects the paint underneath from road rash and minor scrapes. When it is time to sell your ride, you simply have the wrap removed and underneath is a beautiful, factory-fresh-looking paint job. Your vehicle also goes back to a color that is marketable to lots of people, making it an easier sell.

Quality Products Designed to Last

Our team uses 3M 10800 series vinyl, considered by many to be the finest product on the market. We go to this expense to offer you a product that is going to last. Who wants to save a few dollars on the front end only to see it crack and fade in no time at all? Not our clients. We also use 60-inch wide rolls, which means that most vehicles will never have a seam, resulting in a better-looking job.

Get a Consultation for Yourself

If a car wrap sounds appealing to you, we invite you to stop by any of the convenient Auto Image locations. One of our highly-trained staff will look over your vehicle. We will get to know you better so we can help you build the vehicle of your dreams. Let us show you why year after year, people all over the Jersey Shore choose us for their vehicle restyling.
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