Why NOW Is the Best Time to Install Window Tinting

black car with tinted windows

Stop Traffic and Turn Heads When You Upgrade Your Luxury Ride at Auto Image

We’ve all been there: Admiring a vehicle with tinted windows as it seems to glide down the road in an effortlessly cool fashion. Moments like this may have inspired you to consider adding window tint to your own car.

This aftermarket upgrade is a simple – yet extremely effective – way to improve your ride and protect it at the same time. And as the driver of a luxury vehicle, you’ll have all eyes on you with the unique car window tint options.

Still aren’t sure whether you should install this aftermarket accessory onto your ride? Consider these reasons that make now more than ever the best time to install window tint. Then, learn how to get started with our car window tinting service at Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey.

#1 – You’re Looking for a Way to Stand Out

These days, it’s almost impossible not to see a driver behind the wheel of the exact make and model on the road. Your car is part of who you are, so it’s understandable why you’d want it to be all your own – and never get lost in the parking lot again.

Installing auto window tint can set your vehicle apart from the rest and give it a whole new look entirely. Additionally, tinted windows can make your luxury vehicle look even sharper and more sophisticated than you thought possible.

#2 – You Want to Protect Your Skin

You may never forget to wear sunscreen when you’re outside, but it’s likely that you don’t take any measures to protect your skin while behind the wheel. Your skin is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays even when you’re inside your car, which can increase your chance of developing sun damage, premature skin aging, or skin cancer.

Don’t believe us? Consider the multiple medical studies of over-the-road truck drivers with sun damage or skin cancer developing on the left sides of their face and arms. The sun is ever-present, even as you head to the shore on highway 18. Window tint helps keep your skin protected before you ever hit the beach. Thanks to its reflective capabilities, it blocks up to 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays.

Get your windows tinted now so you can get some reprieve from the sun’s harmful rays this summer.

#3 – You Wish Your Car Had More Privacy

As much as you want to show off your luxe interior, you shouldn’t let just anyone see into your ride. This can put you at greater risk for a break-in and crimes of opportunity.

Car window tint equips your ride with more privacy and security. It prevents wandering eyes from peering into your car and is especially beneficial if you tend to leave valuable items behind while running errands – or you don’t like the idea of someone peering into your vehicle when you drive past.

#4 – You Want a More Comfortable Ride

Ceramic window tint reflects UV rays, instantly creating a more comfortable drive, eliminating hot spots that the sun causes so you don’t have to adjust the temperature inside. Plus, your air conditioning system or heater won’t have to work nearly as hard.

In the summer, window tint cools down your interior and once the temperature drops, it acts as insulation and keeps your ride toasty warm. You can reap benefits of window tint all year – so why wait to get them?

#5 – You Want to Preserve Your Interior

One of the best parts about owning a luxury vehicle is its lavish interior fit for a king or queen. That said, you’ll want to do all you can to protect it from the sun’s damaging rays. UV rays can force your interior to fade and crack, especially if your seats are leather.

Because window tint prevents these rays from ever reaching your interior, it’s more likely to remain in pristine condition, and you won’t have to worry about costly repair expenses later on. This is especially important if you’re planning to trade in your vehicle at some point.

Don’t Do It Yourself – Get Your Window Tint Professionally Installed

Just because you can install car window tint on your own, doesn’t mean you should. In fact, installing your own window tint can come with some risks that result in imperfect windows. Instead, leave the job to a professional who has all the tools and knowledge needed for a flawless installation.

At Auto Image, we offer four levels of window tint, so there’s no doubt you’ll find one that best aligns with your personal budget and needs. Depending on your desired durability, warranty, clarity, or UV protection, you can install a tint that checks all your boxes. Select from Standard, Galaxie, Obsidian Series, or Ceramic window tint.

Deck Out Your Vehicle with Window Tinting at Auto Image

Looking for window tinting services near you? We’ve got just what you need at Auto Image. With the help of our professional installers, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with car window tint and get everything you’re looking for out of your ride – plus more!

Don’t wait – book an appointment to install car window tint today! Just call our East Brunswick or Brick location to get started.

And if you have any additional questions about our window tinting service, send us a message online. We’d be happy to help!