Why We Love Window Tint Simulators

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How to Get the Perfect Tint for Your Ride

Are you tired of looking at the same car every day? You don’t need a new ride, but it would be nice to get an upgrade that made an actual difference in the efficiency of your car. There’s great news! You can give your automobile some TLC without breaking the bank.

Window tinting is an affordable way to make your car look brand new. Learn how tools like a window tint simulator can help you choose the right tint percentage for your vehicle to make your commute the most enjoyable yet.

Tell Me Some Quick Benefits About Window Tinting for Cars

Window tinting can provide much more than privacy. Check out just a few benefits that come with using a high-quality window tint:

A Window Tint Simulator Is the Best Place to Start

Did you know you can test different tints from the comfort of your couch with a window tint simulator? That’s right! Let this handy little tool help you choose a window film application that suits your drive style.

All you need to do is choose the make and model of your car, and then customize details like window tinting brand, tint type, and percentage of darkness you want your windows to have. Check out the way your car looks with Black Chrome tint from 3M or see the way it shines with NR Galaxie window tint from SolarGard.

Keep in mind that each state and county has different laws and regulations for how dark your tint can be on your car. For instance, it’s illegal to tint your windshield and front side windows. To double-check the laws in your state, talk to a car detailing specialist to make sure your car window tint is street legal.

So, What Window Tint Percentage Is Best for My Car?

One great thing about window tinting is that it’s very customizable. The percent of your window tint is determined by the amount of visible light transmission (VLT) allowed through your windows. If you want to block out as much light as possible, adjust the tint setting on your window tint simulator to 20%.

However, if you just want to block UV rays and decrease glare from the sun, you might only want to block 90% of VLT. A 50% tint is best for blocking heat, light, and UV rays. Looking to add a little more style to your ride? Then look at 35% tint on your automobile.

The darkest tint you can apply to a vehicle is 5%, which is illegal in most states. Call a window tinting specialist to discuss how dark your window tint can be to get exceptional privacy in your car.

Give Me Some Tips to Find the Best Window Tinting Near Me

Window tint simulators are very useful, but nothing beats advice from a professional. Here some easy ways to find a tint specialist in your area:

Ask Your Friends Where They Had Their Windows Tinted

Window tinting is an extremely valuable purchase for your car. So, you probably know a few people who have upgraded their windows. Observe their cars and look at the quality of their tint. Do you notice things like cracks or color changes? Then the window tinting specialist they used isn’t right for you. Like what you see? Get the details and schedule a consultation for window tinting.

Look at Reviews and Learn About Their Workmanship

Once you think you’ve found the right service center to tint your windows, get online and look at reviews from a reputable website. Don’t stop there! Follow window tinters on your favorite social media sites, too. Read comments and look at before and after photos to learn more about the quality of their work.

Always Choose Experience Over Price

When you want to get your windows tinted or install aftermarket car parts, it’s essential that you don’t choose an automotive enhancement specialist based solely on price. If you choose an expert who doesn’t specialize in window tinting, you risk getting tint that bubbles, cracks, or peels. Always choose someone who has years of experience in the automotive industry.

Turn to Auto Image for Window Tinting, Car Detailing, Paint Protection, and More!

Are you ready for clean, fast, and stress-free automotive services? Come to the professionals at Auto Image, where our service center is fully equipped with the latest options in car accessories and our technicians have unmatched customer service. We offer everything you need to get your vehicle ready for the new year.

Contact our East Brunswick location at (732) 254-2727 or our Brick location at (732) 920-0606 to schedule a consultation for window tinting or to ask about other services like auto paint protection film to stop salty winter roads from damaging the paint on your car. We can’t wait to hear from you!