Why We’re With 3M for the Long Haul

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From Saving the Environment to Improving Window Tinting: How 3M Is Changing Industry

Did you know you’re probably within reach of something made by 3M? It’s responsible for making over 55,000 products that make our daily lives much easier. From Post-It notes to window tint, check out how 3M is solving problems and moving technology forward.

What Does 3M Mean and How Did It Become the Innovative Company It Is Today?

3M originally began as a mining company called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) in the early 1900’s. They originally planned to manufacture grinding wheels, but found a low-grade mineral called anorthosite when they mined.

Without the right minerals to produce grinding wheels, 3M faced an enormous problem: either find a new place to mine or find a practical use for anorthosite. Thankfully, 3M got innovative and created a revolutionary new product: Wetordry™ sandpaper.

3M sandpaper has been an auto industry staple ever since. It can be used wet or dry and is designed for car detailing professionals to make auto body sanding more efficient. They took their original invention further by creating the 3M Body Repair System.

They don’t stop at automotive care, either. 3M manufactures adhesives, building materials, electronic components, cleaning products, window tinting, and a lot more.

How Has 3M Changed the Automotive Industry?

The automotive industry simply wouldn’t be the same without 3M. They have developed or improved everything from adhesive to keep the interior parts of your car together to auto paint protection film to protect your automobile from the elements. 3M is even responsible for creating masking tape in 1925, so professionals can give your ride a two-toned paint job that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Today, 3M is helping you get places by developing better nanotechnology, fluoromaterials, precision coating, and much more to help power hybrid and electric cars. You can find their water resistant soda-lime borosilicate glass in thermoplastics and underbody coatings to make automobiles lighter and more efficient.

If you Want High-Quality Window Tinting, You Need 3M

With more than 100 years in the automotive industry, 3M understands window tint and car accessories. In fact, 3M window tint comes with one of the most comprehensive warranties available. Depending on which tint you choose, this can include fixing issues like bubbling, cracking, or peeling.

3M has the most durable window tint available. Look at some of the options available for your vehicle:

Crystalline Window Tint

This tint helps to control the climate of your car without changing the appearance. Get up to a 97% reduction in heat-causing infrared rays and enhanced vision with this top-of-the-line car accessory.

Automotive Window Film Color

You can have a rich window tint, ultimate privacy, UV protection, and better visibility with this nanocarbon window film. Not only does it filter out 95% of visible light, it reduces glare from the sun, and keeps you cool by blocking heat.

Black Chrome Window Tinting

The only way to give your car an extra edge is by getting 3M Black Chrome Series. This all metal window tint blocks up 99% of UV rays, and never fades to purple. Talk to your nearest window tinting expert to see which style is right for your car!

3M Is Working to Help Consumers and Combat Climate Change

As one of the largest manufacturers in the world, 3M knows it needs to make a commitment to stopping climate change. They originally started with a program in 1975 called “Pollution Prevention Pays,” which encourages employees to reduce pollution at work by coming up with new product designs and manufacturing practices. Through this program, 3M has prevented over 3 billion pounds of pollution and saved 3M billions of dollars.

Currently, 3M is committing $1 billion to reduce its use of virgin-based plastic by 125 million pounds by 2025, decreasing water usage by 25% by 2030, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Other efforts to reduce climate change include responsible use of PFAS and teaming up with One Tree Planted to improve outdoor air quality.

A Manufacturing Company That Cares About Employees, Too

When all other manufacturers tell their employees to stay inside the lines, 3M encourages their workers to be daring. They like to foster growth within their company by emphasizing research and development, encouraging taking risks, tolerating mistakes, and teaming up with startups to make mind blowing advancements in technology.

3M is adapting to the COVID-19 crisis by creating hybrid work schedules to help employees work effectively as possible, while tending to their family and personal needs. They are dedicated to making employees feel valued and creatively challenged, which is why they are featured as one of Great Places to Work’s top companies to work for in the world.

Auto Image Is Your Premiere 3M Window Tinting Experts in New Jersey

We know quality when we see it at, Auto Image Vehicle Enhancement Specialist. That’s why we use 3M window tint and car accessories. Few brands compare to their durability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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