Yes, You Can Remote Start Your Vehicle With Your Factory Key Fob

Factory Key FobAuto Image clients from Brick and East Brunswick often ask if they can use their factory key fob to remote start their vehicle. The answer in most applications is a solid yes. With that said, there are some limitations to using your factory remote to start your car or truck. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of your OEM remote system and using it with a remote car starter.

Simple and Intuitive Control

Installing a remote car starter system that uses your factory remote is very similar to a conventional installation that includes new remotes. The only real difference is the installation of an antenna on your windshield. The computer interface module we use with your remote starter talks to your vehicle to monitor the status of door pins and door locks and communicate with your factory security system.

When you press the lock button on your factory key fob three times in quick succession, the interface module sends a command to the remote starter to start the vehicle. Many retailers call this “3x Lock Start” or “three times lock start.” If your factory remote is built into the vehicle key, then using that remote is neat and tidy, and eliminates the need for an additional fob on your keychain.

Factory Key Fob Limitations

Factory Key FobThe question of whether or not you can use a factory remote to start your car is a conversation about whether or not you should use it. The biggest problem with using a factory remote is its range. Once you walk out to a warmed-up vehicle in the dead of winter, you will be hooked for life. What if the range provided by your factory remote isn’t enough to start your car from your office? What about the grocery store, a movie theatre or your favorite restaurant? There is nothing more frustrating than getting to your car and thinking it was started, only to find out it’s still cold inside.

Remote Control Options

Even the simplest of aftermarket remotes is rated to provide up to 800 feet of range on the low end and a mile on the high end. Aftermarket remotes can also provide feedback to let you know the command you sent has been received and executed by the vehicle.

If you are after the ultimate in convenience and flexibility to control your remote starter, have a look at our Viper SmartStart telematics system. You can remote start, lock, unlock or pop the trunk using an app on your iPhone or Android phone. Premium service plans include GPS vehicle locating and location- and speed-based warning alerts. Many clients combine a SmartStart with a factory key fob to provide several control options.

New Jersey’s Remote Starter Experts

If you are shopping for a remote starter and are thinking of using your factory key fob, we invite you to drop into the nearest Auto Image location and speak with a member of our team. We can demonstrate how using your key fob works to start your vehicle. If you need more range than the factory remote can provide, one of our Viper remote starter systems may be ideal for your application. Feel free to send us an e-mail using our contact page if you have any additional questions.