Your Guide to Aftermarket Car Audio Accessories

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Upgrading Your Car Audio System with the Best Aftermarket Accessories in New Jersey

Once you get beyond the basic vehicle aftermarket options such as safety and driver assistance systems, the next most important feature for your vehicle is the audio system.

We can customize car audio systems to include features that fit each individual’s needs and tastes, making driving more comfortable and enjoyable.

An aftermarket stereo system can be installed so it appears like it was a factory-installed option. We can integrate the custom installation of aftermarket car audio into your vehicle’s interior design so it looks completely natural.

Car Audio Features to Consider

The systems that can be installed aftermarket in your vehicle range from the most basic systems that simply replace your car stereo with better sound, to advanced Double DIN touchscreen units that include Bluetooth, USB ports, satellite radio compatibility, HD Radio, and expanded features.

These extra features can include safety options such as a backup camera or blind-spot detection. Advanced systems can also integrate with the features of your smartphone so that you can use your phone hands-free using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Systems can even include navigation that adds turn-by-turn GPS features in a system that does not need internet access and does not use any of your internet data to function. If your vehicle does not have a navigation system or access to Sirius XM, aftermarket options can upgrade your vehicle easily and economically.

Most Popular Car Audio Accessories

Every car is different and so is its audio system. But here are some of the elements you might want in your new sound experience:

Each of these elements and more can be put together in a way that makes for the perfect audio experience within your vehicle.

Car Stereo Sound Quality

Most standard vehicle audio systems do not have the highest quality speaker systems that allow you to enjoy the full range and depth of sound. When upgrading your car audio, one of the most significant additions you can make is the replacement of the speaker system in your vehicle.

Installing quality speakers that integrate properly with matching woofers is a brilliant investment. Adding an amplifier to your system will pay off dividends in your listening pleasure by providing the proper and necessary amount of power for your system.

When you attempt to turn up the volume to listen to your music and are greeted with a grainy sound with popping and rattling, it is aggravating. Poor sound definition and unwanted ambient sound is caused by your system not being able to deliver enough power to drive your speakers and deliver quality sound.

Rounding out a top-notch sound system for your vehicle is a high-quality, powerful subwoofer. If you want your car audio system to emulate the bass thumping your chest of a club, fully immersing you in the music, the installation of one of the many subwoofers on the market can achieve this feeling.

The interior of your vehicle is a great space to reproduce the bass line and heavy drum sound you would think you could only experience at a live concert.

Shopping for New Car Audio Systems

For the most choice and highest quality car audio installation, Auto Image is your number one choice. We have two locations, Auto Image East Brunswick and Auto Image Brick, New Jersey, providing convenient locations for you to purchase any of the equipment previously listed. You’ll find a wide selection of choices and brand names you know at a price that will be attractive to your wallet.

Auto Image has professionals that can assist you in putting together an integrated system for your vehicle that will fill all of your needs. At Auto Image, we even equipped our showrooms with speakers on display wired up so you can compare the sound quality of the various speakers to choose the best speakers for your system upgrade.

Once you have chosen the components for your vehicle, we have factory-trained installation professionals that will quickly and efficiently install your system.

Auto Image has been the leader in car audio system sales and installations in the New Jersey area since 1987 and has thousands of customers who can attest to our customer service and quality. Stop by and shop at our Brick or East Brunswick location. We look forward to serving you.