4 Things to Know About Lighting Upgrades

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Light Up Your Ride With Car and Truck Lighting in East Brunswick and Brick

Lighting upgrades enhance the overall visibility, style, and functionality of your vehicle. Once you’ve decided you want to improve your vehicle’s lighting, you may feel tempted to install your upgrades right away. But before you get started, it’s important to consider all that’s available to you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new lights.

At Auto Image, we provide drivers with a variety of services – including lighting upgrades. Not only do we offer a selection of new car lights for sale, but our professional installers can take your drive to the next level with practically any vehicle lighting upgrade you can imagine.

Here are four things to know about aftermarket lighting upgrades in New Jersey, and how to deck out your ride at Auto Image.

#1 – Lighting Upgrades Aren’t Just For Aesthetics
Many drivers install lighting upgrades to set their ride apart from others and boost its overall appearance, but they’re also a great way to optimize your safety. Headlight upgrades help you see and be seen by others.

Swapping your factory headlights for LED options can make incredible improvements to your visibility. These new car lights for sale emit over twice as much light as factory lights and provide instant output, so you’ll want to consider them for high-beam upgrades.

And with the bright, blue-white light beams offered from an HID kit, you’ll receive the highest level of output – making it easier to see objects, people, and animals at night. HID lighting upgrades are recommended if you’re specifically looking to improve nighttime driving.

#2 – The Possibilities are Endless
There isn’t just one way to optimize your vehicle’s lighting, and what you install depends on how you’re looking to advance your ride. Upgrade your headlights, interior, or truck lighting with our HID and LED options. Because of our expansive inventory of new car lights for sale, we provide vehicle lighting upgrades in East Brunswick to fit every budget.

If your headlights are worn out and need to be replaced, our light kits are a more cost-effective solution compared to OEM products. Upgrade your high-beams with high-efficiency LED options, or install an HID kit to experience ultimate clarity at any speed.

Want to light up your interior? We also offer accessory and accent lighting upgrades, including brighter dome lights, dashboard lights, underseat lighting, and multicolored LED strips that follow the beat of your music. These upgrades transform the entire look and feel of your vehicle, while also enhancing your overall driving experience.

Additionally, we carry Jeep and truck lighting solutions for your off-road adventures. Even when the sun goes down, you can continue to explore with LED light bars, LED cube lights, flood lights, spot lights, combination lights, and rock lights. Installing high-performance lighting increases your safety and visibility on the trails, and makes enjoying the outdoors after dark more possible than before.

How you decide to upgrade your vehicle lighting comes down to personal preference. There are many different lighting upgrades to choose from, making them one of the most versatile aftermarket accessories in New Jersey.

#3 – Any Vehicle Can Undergo Lighting Upgrades
No matter what you drive, you can enjoy the incredible offerings of aftermarket lighting upgrades in Brick, NJ. Our LED and HID light kits brighten up nearly any part of your car, SUV, or truck. Its age doesn’t matter, either. Whether you’re upgrading a used car or one fresh out of the factory, new car lights will make a statement, turn heads, and make your ride stand out.

#4 – You Shouldn’t DIY
Installing your own lighting upgrades may seem like a quick and easy project, but there’s a lot more to it than you may realize. For a flawless installation, you need the correct size and placement for your specific vehicle, plus in-depth knowledge of electrical wiring for your specific make, model, and year. It’s often not as simple as buying new bulbs; they also need to fit properly, which may require you to purchase a conversion kit.

A simple mistake could cost you a lot of time and effort – and might even keep you off the road. That’s why it’s so important to get your upgrade professionally installed at Auto Image. Our installers have been trained to perform vehicle lighting upgrades, and can ensure your new lights are working in perfect order. Plus, we can keep you and other drivers safe by fusing your lights and aiming them properly.

Install East Brunswick and Brick Lighting Upgrades Today

Vehicle lighting upgrades change the appearance of your ride and keep you safe behind the wheel. Whether you’re looking to install car, SUV, or truck lighting, we have a selection of new car lights to choose from. From a quick bulb replacement to the installation of an aftermarket light kit, our team of professionals can help you shine bright. And if you can’t decide on your new lights, our friendly staff will be more than happy to make recommendations based on your personal needs.

Transform your drive with lighting upgrades today. To get started, visit us in East Brunswick or Brick.