6 Aftermarket Mods Worth Every Penny

aftermarket car accessories

Increase Your Vehicle’s Value with the Top Aftermarket Car Accessories

Aftermarket mods for your car can solve some of the shortcomings it came with from the factory. You can add modifications that improve horsepower, fuel efficiency, and performance, or aftermarket auto accessories of a more cosmetic nature, like new wheels and tires.

The aftermarket auto accessory market is full of so many products that it can be hard to decide which to go for. Everyone is different, so what you may consider a poor purchase others will love. In this article, we run down 6 aftermarket mods that we believe are always a great choice for any vehicle.

1. Paint protection film

When it comes to your car’s exterior, nothing keeps your car looking sleek and new like spotless paint and a smooth finish. Unfortunately, that’s hard to maintain for anyone who actually drives on the road. Paint protection film is a great option to guard your car’s most vulnerable parts, such as its bumpers, hood, side mirrors, fenders, door handles, door handle pockets, door edges, rocker panels, rear quarter panels, and around the cargo hold.

Not only does our paint protection film keep your car’s paint job looking new, but if any part of the film gets damaged, you can bring it back to Auto Image and we’ll replace the damaged part. Fixing scratches is as easy as that!

2. Lift kits

If you own a truck or a Jeep, a lift kit is borderline essential. Factory-fresh vehicles like this are just begging for a rough and rugged upgrade, and a lift kit is a great way to get more for your money. Not only does a truck lift kit enhance the look of your ride, but it also makes your vehicle more versatile and efficient.

Lifted trucks and Jeeps have greater ground clearance, meaning they handle better in snowy, icy, and muddy conditions (this includes off-roading as well!). Investing in lift kit installation also means you won’t be placing as much stress on your shocks and suspension when towing, ultimately improving your towing capacity.

3. New wheels & tires

The right tires improve road grip, fuel mileage, and reduce wear and tear. Every tire is rated using the UTQG (universal tire quality guide). In most cases, you should aim for the highest-rated tires you can afford, as they will not only last longer but offer better road performance.

New wheels are a more cosmetic choice than new tires, but they can greatly improve the look of your vehicle. You can get inexpensive new rims or custom rims that make your vehicle unique. You can recover most of the cost of new wheels when you sell them or your car, so they’re not as expensive as you might expect.

4. Backup cameras

Any investment in the safety of you and your passengers is worth every penny. One modern convenience that we think is a must on every vehicle is a backup camera. Even if your vehicle didn’t come equipped with one right off the lot, our expert installation team at Auto Image can fit your vehicle with the perfect aftermarket backup camera. A backup camera is the easiest way for you to see what’s behind you so you can avoid accidents, injury, or property damage.

5. Window tint

Tinting your windows can be a great quality-of-life improvement. Not only do you get less glare from the sun, you save money on air conditioning as the interior of your vehicle doesn’t get so hot. Windows tint also improves your security and privacy. Overall, it’s a simple aftermarket mod that does wonders for any vehicle.

6. Car audio upgrades

Few cars come with great audio systems out of the factory. A new car audio system can improve the sound of your music immensely and increase the value and desirability of your vehicle when it comes time to sell it.

Aftermarket car audio systems can include the latest technological advances, such as in-dash navigation, voice commands, Bluetooth connectivity, and streaming. Paired with a smartphone or 4G internet connectivity, you can bring a world of entertainment, news, and information into your vehicle. A top-quality car audio system impresses all your passengers and can make any commute so much better. An easy and inexpensive aftermarket modification, you should make the improvement of your in-car audio system a priority when modding your car.

Aftermarket Car Accessory Installation in New Jersey

For any of your aftermarket car accessory needs, look no further than Auto Image. With over 30 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about which accessories will fit your needs, style, and budget. Plus, we can install it all for you right then and there. Come by and see us today, or book an appointment online at Auto Image in Brick, NJ or Auto Image in East Brunswick, NJ.