Mobile Audio Solutions

Aftermarket Car Stereos, Speakers, Subwoofers, and More

Whether you need a basic replacement of broken audio equipment, installation of a full-blown stereo system, or speaker or subwoofer upgrades, Auto Image can help you with anything related to your mobile audio needs. Our team knows how it feels to sit in your vehicle listening to your favorite music – and they look forward to turning on a brand-new stereo for the first time after completing installation!

In-Dash Stereo Systems

Our specialty, in-dash stereo systems range from basic replacements to those with all the latest tech features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and more, so you can control your system from your smartphone and play the music you want to set the mood of your trip.

Car Stereo Speakers and Subwoofers

Without quality speakers, even with the best stereo, your music won’t sound the way the recording artist intended. Anemic-sounding speakers are the norm, which only worsen over time as their sound quality is further impeded by dust, dirt, and humidity. 

Aftermarket replacement speakers from top brands like JL Audio, Focal, and Alpine improve the sound of your stereo system, and you can test out any that you’d like in our store before you settle on your favorites.

Subwoofers immerse you in the music by emitting authoritative bass sounds, and you don’t need a large enclosure filling your cargo space to achieve it. Today’s subwoofers are as small as a briefcase and can capably reproduce the lowest octaves in your music. Feel the bass drop in your chest with a quality subwoofer from Auto Image.

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Car Audio Amplifiers

Most fresh-from-the-factory car stereos are equipped with a subpar, underpowered amplifier, which makes your music sound grainy and causes pops and rattles in the audio. Replacing your amplifier lets you crank up your music and achieve a more defined, clear sound.

Amplifiers come in a variety of price points and configurations from Pioneer, Alpine, and JL Audio, so you can always find one that sounds the best to you in stock at Auto Image.

Factory Integration

If you already like your stereo system, but wish it had more features, Auto Image can integrate them. Popular upgrades include hands-free calling and music streaming through Bluetooth, satellite radio, navigation systems, and backup cameras that display on the factory color screen of your audio system.

A variety of integration modules and digital signal processors deliver what you need, while keeping your vehicle looking completely original.

Reference-Standard Mobile Audio Installation

Now that you’ve decided what components you need to upgrade in your vehicle’s audio system, come to Auto image, a company you can trust to install these components properly.

All our technicians receive ongoing factory training to perform reference-standard work, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. Get it done right without cutting corners at Auto Image, with convenient Jersey Shore locations in Brick and East Brunswick. Bring your vehicle in, and we’ll offer car audio solutions designed around your unique needs.