9 Car Models That Look Best with Window Tint

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Head Turning Cars That Make You Do a Double Take with Window Tinting

As most people know there is a very practical reason for getting your windows tinted . It can help keep your vehicle’s upholstery from fading, block harmful UV Rays, prevent shattered glass and provide privacy and security. There is also the sexier side of getting your vehicle’s windows tinted – enhancing your vehicle’s look by making the exterior more attractive with tints.

Here are the top reasons to tint the windows on any car:

While a car window tint looks good on almost every car, here are the top nine car models that will turn your head with window tints:

  1. BMW M3 – Cars made by the German automaker are known for style and performance, as well as driver assistance technology. Adding a sleek window tint only adds to the car’s appeal.
  2. Mercedes Benz AMG – When you see/hear Mercedes you think luxury and iconic design. This coveted car looks amazingly sophisticated and opulent with the right window tinting.
  3. Porsche Targa – These powerful and precise handling sports cars only get more appealing with window tinting.
  4. Ferrari 488 – Ferraris bring race technology to street cars. This sophisticated vehicle is heightened when a gorgeous window tint is applied.
  5. Tesla Model Y – These electric vehicles are not only innovative, but their modern design is appealing to car enthusiasts. Window tinting is an enhancement that only adds more to the design.
  6. Lamborghini Urus – Known for stylish and high performance cars, you would think twice if one zipped by you and didn’t have window tinting.
  7. Alfa Romeo Romeo 4C Spider – Alfa Romeo’s novelty and rareness is a big part of its appeal. And it is only increased with a stylish window tint.
  8. Ford Mustang – This amazing sports car at an affordable price, look ultra-stylish with window tinting.

Don’t let these “top models” fool you! You can make any vehicle look sleek and stylish.

What different types of window tints can you get?

There are numerous window tints and window tint brands you can use for your vehicle, including Ceramic Window Tint, Crystalline Window Tint, Carbon Tint Film, Hybrid Dye and Metallic Tint Film, Metalized Window Tint and Dyed Window tint. Each varies depending on the type of window UV Ray protection, window breakage protection and interior protection you are looking for. And the two best window tint brands are 3M and SolarGard.

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Try it out!

Try before you buy (or book an appointment). See what window tinting will look like first hand on your car or have fun and take a look at any of the top nine car models above with sleek tinting by checking out Auto Image’s Tint Simulator . See how window tints can improve the look of your vehicle here.

Where to go for window tinting

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