Audi A5 Wheels, Brakes and Suspension Upgrades for Brick Client

Audi A5 WheelsA client from Brick recently dropped into Auto Image to inquire about upgrading his 2005 Audi A5 wheels, brakes and suspension. After looking at the vehicle and talking to the client about how he drives, we came up with a plan to enhance the handling and brake performance of his luxury coupe.

Suspension System Upgrades

After getting the car up on our lift, we removed the wheels, brakes and factory suspension springs from the A5. Next, we installed a set of H&R 290591 Sport Series coil springs. This spring kit will lower the front of the vehicle by 1.3 inches and the rear by 1.25 inches while still providing excellent ride quality thanks to the progressive spring rate design.

Power Stop Brake System Upgrade

A Power Stop K5754 Evolution brake upgrade was next in line for the project. The kit includes four cross-drilled and slotted brake rotors, carbon-ceramic brake pads and new shims. The upgrades not only improve braking force, but also help to prevent brake fade when pushed hard.

Audi A5 Wheels and Tires

Audi A5 Wheels
The new Niche wheels look great on this black A5.

The last pieces of the project were new wheels and tires for the A5. The client chose a set of 19×9.5-inch Misano wheels from Niche. The open 10-spoke design looks great on the car and provides excellent cooling for the brakes. We wrapped the wheels in Goodyear Eagle Sport tires sized at an impressive 255/35ZR19 in all four corners.

We used our Hunter Revolution tire mounting machine to install the tires on the wheels without risking scuffs or scratches to their black finish. Once mounted and brought up to pressure, we balanced each wheel and tire assembly on our Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Touch balancing machine. The 9700 applies up to 1250 pounds of load to the tire to ensure it is seated on the bead perfectly before it begins the balancing process. The machine ensures there is no lateral or longitudinal run-out for a smooth, flawless ride.

Upgrade your Vehicles Style and Handling at Auto Image

The client returned to Auto Image in Brick at the end of the day to pick up his car. He was thrilled with the look of the wheels and the lowered suspension. The shiny new brake rotors look awesome behind the black wheels, and he was anxious to get the car out on the Garden State Parkway for a run.

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