Automotive Performance Parts

Modify Your Car in East Brunswick or Brick, New Jersey

Drive in to one of our two convenient locations to get the hottest performance parts for your vehicle. Auto Image has them for cars, trucks, and SUVs, whether they’re modern or classics. If the word “stock” is a four-letter word to you, then your ride isn’t complete until you’ve customized it to your liking.

Add Power to Your Ride

More power is always a good thing! Superchargers, exhaust systems, air intakes, computer programmers (or “chips”) and everything in between could be the best solution for your vehicle. Our pros will help you choose the right parts to add more vroom to your driving experience.

Suspension Systems and Lift Kits Put You in Control

How your vehicle handles is a majority of what makes it fun to drive. Lowering systems, upgraded shocks and struts, sway bars, and more not only improve the appearance of your vehicle, but make it handle even better than before. If you’re looking for an adjustable suspension, Auto Image offers complete coil-over systems and air bag systems, giving you the ultimate in ride-height adjustment.

Full-blown suspension systems, basic leveling kits, and lift kits increase your vehicle’s ground clearance, toughening up its look and enabling it to crawl over rough terrain with ease. Auto Image carries the most popular brands to get you ready for offroading.

Upgrade Your Brakes, Wheels, and Tires, Too

Now that you’ve added more power to your beast of a car, you’ll be cornering faster than ever before. Stock brakes won’t cut it with the power boost you’ve given your vehicle. It’s time to upgrade your rotors and pads to stainless brake lines. For the ultimate in stopping power, ask our experts about our big brake upgrade kits in our East Brunswick and Brick stores.

Your car can’t perform its best without a new wheel and tire package. Our team will help you choose lighter-weight wheels and performance-grade rubber to keep your vehicle on the road, moving at its absolute best.

Let the Pros at Auto Image Install Your New Performance Car Parts

If your performance parts aren’t installed properly, they won’t work properly either. Our installation experts are some of the best trained in the Jersey Shore region, a major reason why our customers are willing to drive long distances to entrust us with their vehicles.

You’re invited to stop in at either of the two convenient Auto Image locations so we can show you why people choose us for our performance parts. If you have any questions about how you could upgrade your vehicle’s performance, give us a call today at 732-254-2727 in East Brunswick or 732-920-0606 in Brick.