Auto Image Continues to Invest in the Latest Automotive Technologies

Latest Automotive TechnologiesAuto Image in Brick and East Brunswick has made a significant investment in the latest automotive technologies to offer our clients the best service possible. Staying up to date with innovations that allow us to do our jobs more efficiently and – most importantly – more accurately ensures that we remain a leader in the vehicle enhancement market.

Hunter Wheel Balancer and Tire-mounting Machine

Latest Automotive TechnologiesSelling a set of wheels and tires is relatively easy. Bolting them to a car or truck is not too hard, either. Safely mounting a tire on a wheel and balancing the combination for a perfectly smooth ride, though, can be a challenge. We have made a significant investment in the latest in tire-mounting and wheel-balancing technologies from Hunter. Our new Revolution tire-changing machine handles your wheels gently, ensuring they will never be scratched or damaged. The Revolution works with wheels of up to 30 inches in diameter and as wide as 15 inches.

The Hunter Road Force Touch Balancer uses a load roller to apply up to 1,250 pounds of pressure to the tire to ensure it is seated perfectly in the rim. The SmartWeight and StraightTrak features incorporated into the machine ensure that your car will ride as smoothly as possible and track straight and true, while minimizing the visibility of the wheel weights.

Computer-controlled Window Tint Plotter

Latest Automotive TechnologiesInstalling window tint requires cutting the bulk roll of film to fit your window perfectly. Some shops will use your vehicle as their template. This method exposes your expensive glass to scratches and gouges that can’t be removed. We have invested in computer-controlled window tint plotters for all three Auto Image locations. The plotter cuts the film to fit your windows perfectly. Shrinking and our proprietary cleaning process are all that’s left to ensure you have a perfect window tint installation every time. Our investment in these plotters and their software is significant, but we think it is the best choice for our clients.

Vehicle Data Network Scan Tools

When we interface a remote car starter, blind spot detection or backup camera system into a vehicle, we often need to communicate with the Controller Area Network (CAN) data bus to send and receive information. It is rare that we run into complications, but when we do, we have the equipment to diagnose the issue and resolve it quickly. Vehicle software updates and preexisting conditions can cause problems; our tools can fix them.

Ongoing Training and Manufacturer Support

It is hard to put a price on knowledge, but the staff at Auto Image know how important training is to the consultation and installation process. Our sales staff are familiar with the features and benefits of the latest audio, convenience and safety products we sell. We receive regular updates on new vehicle applications for car and truck accessories that are shared among our entire team. New tire technologies, window film features and paint protection solutions are released each year. Our relationship with our suppliers helps to ensure we know how to offer you the best solution for your application.

Visit Auto Image to Experience the Latest Automotive Technologies

Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick will continue to invest in our team and in the latest automotive technologies to offer you the best service possible. For more information about our window tinting, detailing, truck accessory and audio upgrade services, drop by the location nearest to you, or send us an e-mail using our online contact FORM.