Common Misconceptions About Car Window Tinting

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Your Brick and East Brunswick, NJ Tint Shop Sets the Record Straight

If you live in New Jersey, there’s a good chance you’ll find car window tinting near you at one of the Auto Image locations in Brick or East Brunswick. When you bring your vehicle to us for upgrades like window tinting, you can expect only the best quality tint, customer service, and installation. Our experts will answer all your questions and help you choose the best tinting product that’s right for you.

But if you’ve never considered window tinting because you believe the rumor mill that tells stories about what tinting is all about, it’s time to challenge those beliefs with some myth-busting! Don’t buy into these five misconceptions about car window tinting.

Myth: Car window tinting is only for looks!

It’s a common misconception that window tinting is only done to change the way a vehicle looks. While it’s true that window tint does change the aesthetic of a vehicle, the truth is that there are so many value-added reasons to have your car windows tinted at Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick, New Jersey. It’s not just for rappers and celebrities and limousines.

In reality, there are lots of window tint benefits, including lowering your risk of sun damage on your skin, preserving the interior of your car, making your vehicle more fuel efficient during the summer months, and keeping your car cooler when it’s hot outside.

Myth: The darker the window film, the higher the heat reflection.

If you’re looking to help keep your car interior cooler in the summer months so you don’t have to sit inside an oppressively hot vehicle while you wait for your air conditioner to kick in, you might think you need to visit a tint shop and ask for the darkest available window tint. This isn’t the case!

Ceramic window tint can provide the same amount of heat reflection in a much lighter window tint. Visit Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick, where our experts will show you samples of the window tint that do best at reflecting heat from the sun.

Myth: Window tint won’t look good on my car.

Some people think that if they drive a regular, every day vehicle without lots of special bells and whistles, that their car will somehow look silly if they have a tint shop near them apply a window tint. At Auto Image, we don’t believe that at all!

Window tint looks great on any vehicle, and we can say that with certitude. How? Because we’ve seen every make and model of vehicle with tinted windows, either in person, or using our window tint simulator on our website. Visit our simulator, input the kind of vehicle you drive, and see what it looks like with one of our 3M or SolarGard window tinting. You’ll be surprised at how great your car looks with a slightly darker tint – or that you can choose a relatively colorless tint and still get all the benefits!

Myth: Window tint is easy to install yourself.

You might think you’ll save a lot of money by skipping out on Googling “car window tints near me,” and taking a do-it-yourself approach to applying window tint. And while it’s true that a fair amount of everyday people are fully capable of applying car window tinting, just as many, if not more, will find it to be a frustrating experience. And of those who are successful, there’s a large percentage who will need to remove their DIY tint because it’s a low-quality product that changes color over time, or it simply starts to wear out.

The window tint you can buy and apply yourself is not up to the same standard as the window tint our experts install every day at our tint shops along the Jersey Shore. And DIY tint application regularly goes wrong somewhere, whether you end up with a crooked sheet, a bubble, or simply the wrong shade of tint. Instead of wasting your time and money, contact Auto Image to make an appointment to have your windows tinted by a pro. We guarantee our work, so our customers drive away from our shops satisfied and happy with their upgraded windows.

Myth: Window tinting near me is going to cost me an arm and a leg.

There’s a stereotype that almost everyone believes that says any professional service you pay for is going to be outrageously expensive. It’s the excuse people give for attempting plumbing repairs themselves or trying their hand at fine carpentry as they renovate their homes.

The fact of the matter is that professional window tint installation in New Jersey is quite affordable, especially considering all the great benefits you’ll reap afterward. Depending on the type of window tint you choose for your car, the cost will vary slightly. However, window tinting is an investment in your vehicle and in your health, so even if you find it a little costly, it’s ultimately worth it.

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