Custom-Installed Radar and Laser Defense Systems

Custom-installed Radar Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick is your source for custom-installed radar and laser detectors. Nowadays, more and more municipalities are looking for extra sources of revenue, and speeding tickets are high on their priority list. If you want the best defense against these fines, increased insurance rates and overall aggravation, keep reading.

Advantages over Portable Units

While many people are familiar with portable radar detectors, most of our clients don’t know the advantages of going to a custom-installed unit. Here are the differences in the categories.

Improved Radar Reception and Directionality

Our K40 systems use much larger radar receivers than a portable unit, resulting in more time to slow down and avoid a ticket. The optional rear receiver gives you more accurate information about where the threat is located, allowing you to make smarter decisions. The microprocessor inside an installed system will also do a better job of filtering out the difference between speed-based radar and everything else, helping to eliminate false alerts.

True Laser Defense

Custom-installed RadarPortable units only detect the presence of laser – and at that point, it is too late. The single reason the authorities are moving toward laser-based radar (LIDAR) is its pinpoint accuracy. At 1,000 feet, the laser beam is less than 3 feet wide, allowing LIDAR to pick out a single vehicle on a crowded road. Since it is light-based, the signal is reflected back to the laser gun and your detector can’t pick it up until you are targeted.

Our laser defusers take protection to the next level. When they sense a laser signal, they immediately fire back powerful beams of light that the laser gun doesn’t understand, so it can’t get a reading on your vehicle. Now, you have precious time to slow down and avoid a ticket. Our K40 systems are completely customizable, allowing us to add anywhere up to 10 laser defusers on the front, or front and back, of your car, truck or SUV. No matter what you drive, you can be protected.

Custom-Installed Radar Systems

Another great advantage of a custom-installed system is how it is integrated into your vehicle. Nothing hangs from your windshield and there are no wires across your dash. The sensors are placed strategically on the outside of your vehicle for maximum performance while being almost unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Inside, the indicator lights are flush-mounted in strategic locations that are easy to see by the driver while complementing the cosmetics of the interior.

The unit itself is easily controlled with a wireless, RF-based remote control. Any audible alerts are announced by a speaker that we hide underneath your dash. Your custom system will turn on and off with the ignition, so you never have to think about whether it is on while you’re driving.

Reference-standard Installation Quality

Custom-installed RadarOnce you decide that a custom-installed laser and radar detector is a wise investment for you, the next step is choosing someone you can trust for the installation. Auto Image uses reference-standard installation methods, including removing bumpers so we can find the perfect mounting location for all the receivers. We make all our connections secure, and neatly loom and secure the wiring, allowing for easy serviceability in the future. We even choose sensor placement carefully to maximize the performance of your system.

Get a Radar Consultation

The final step in finding out the best custom-installed laser and radar detector for you is a radar consultation. You can stop by any of the convenient Auto Image locations or simply click HERE. One of our expertly trained staff will work with you to design and build the solution that best fits your unique needs. Let us show you why year after year, more people on the Jersey Shore choose us.