Custom-installed Radar Detector System Advantages

Custom-installed RadarWith locations in East Brunswick and Brick, Auto Image offers portable and custom-installed radar detector options to protect you against New Jersey’s numerous speed traps. Many people feel that speed traps are a form of taxation. Whether they are or not, getting a speeding ticket can be very expensive. Since 1987, Auto Image has been helping our clients avoid tickets and fines.

Life Moves Pretty Fast

We don’t know about you, but we never seem to have enough hours in the day. From driving to and from soccer practice, school, work or an appointment, sometimes we catch ourselves going over the speed limit. Of course, when we realize it, we correct our speed. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a reminder when you have a momentary lapse in concentration from someone other than the police?

Radar Detector Options

There are two options for radar detectors – portable and custom-installed variations. There are distinct benefits to each style, but either will help prevent you from getting a speeding ticket. If you enter an area where law enforcement is operating a radar gun, you will get an audible alarm and visual alert to let you know to check your speed and adjust it if necessary.

Portable Radar Detector Units

Custom-installed RadarThe biggest advantage of a portable radar is its portability. Being able to move a portable unit from one vehicle to another, using the suction cup mount, makes them perfect for rental cars, as well as your daily driver. The high mounting location provides excellent long-distance performance.

Portable radar detectors are powered by your vehicle’s 12 volt accessory socket or we can hard-wire them into your vehicle and conceal the wiring. Although hard wiring offers a cleaner installation, it does not allow you to take the detector from vehicle to vehicle without an extra power cord. One consideration with this style of radar detector is theft. When you are not using the detector, you should store it out of sight in a safe, secure location.

Custom-installed Radar Detection Systems

Built-in units might not offer any portability, but they have many advantages. Once installed, the system is virtually invisible. This leaves the interior of your vehicle looking neat and tidy, with nothing visible to tempt a thief. Many systems have options for secondary rear radar receivers to increase your protection level from speed traps set up behind overpasses or buildings.

Integrated radar detection systems often provide better signal sensitivity because the receiver modules are physically larger than those of portable units. Just as with a radio antenna, having more antenna area increases the sensitivity of the system and allows you to detect speed traps sooner.

Can You Stop a Laser?

Custom-installed RadarMost radar guns use X, K or Ka band radar signals. It’s difficult for an officer to target a single vehicle at long distances using this technology. Law enforcement agencies needed a better technology. The answer was lidar or laser speed guns. Lidar guns transmit a beam of invisible light that is roughly 28 inches wide at a distance of 1,000 feet.

You might be thinking, if a laser detector only alerts you when the laser has hit the automobile, you already have a ticket. Most custom-installed systems offer the options of a laser defuser. A defuser will confuse the laser gun, making it unable to get a reading. When you get an alert, you can adjust your speed and then simply turn off the defuser, let law enforcement take your speed and carry on to your destination.

Come See the Radar Detector Experts at Auto Image

If you are in the market for a radar detector, drop by either Auto Image location and talk to our team of experts. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and help you pick the right detector for your application. If you have questions about any of our products or services, please send us an e-mail using our contact page.