Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Video

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Video and games on the go! What more could you want to keep your passengers occupied?

Gone are the days of video screens and mobile audio systems in only high-end luxury cars like Mercedes and Range Rovers. Now, seatback/overhead video systems, rear seat entertainment systems and more can be added to just about any car on the market with the advancement in affordable technology.

Summer is here and many of us have road trips on the books. Now is the perfect time to turn your vehicle into the ideal space for your family and any extra passengers – whether you’re planning to be on the road for a long time or you’re just taking a quick local trip – having some fun entertainment in your vehicle can go a long way!

Read on to find out the benefits of adding a video entertainment system enhancement to your vehicle and options for the different types or systems you can add to your vehicle:


Keep Children Entertained

When you think of a video entertainment system for your car, your mind automatically goes to children. This is likely because the videos are most likely located on the back headrests facing the seats children sit in, AND because you are more likely to hear “Are we there yet?” from a kid versus an adult! Kids of all ages get bored easily. Installing a seatback video system, overhead video system or rear seat video systems allows for that whining to stop and lets the kids watch movies, tv shows or even play video games.

It’s Not Just for the Kids

Kids can be a worse distraction than cell phones in cars. Screaming, yelling, fighting, throwing things – much more of a nuisance than a phone. You can certainly focus more when there is quiet in the back seat. The added benefit of silence when the children in the car are occupied with watching a show or movie and not causing a ruckus can sometimes be priceless (and clearly much safer). There are even systems available that allow the front seats to listen to their own audio, without having to hear what the back seat is listening to, if there are no headphones available. All making the addition of a video system a perk for adults (and parents). But besides safety, adults can also take advantage of a vehicle with video entertainment. Imagine being stuck at a kid’s tournament between games or you’re tailgating before a baseball game. The video systems can be a way to pass time or entertain even adults.

Keep the Costs Down

Factory-installed video systems, while designed to fit a specific car precisely, they are more expensive than any aftermarket system. Keep the costs down by installing your video entertainment system post purchase of the vehicle, and also give yourself the opportunity to upgrade or remove the systems later on as needed, without the additional costs.

Resale Value

While making personalized changes to your vehicle like a sparkly paint job or custom colored interior will most likely lower your resale value (not everyone has the same taste!), upgrading your vehicle with aftermarket video entertainment systems will do the opposite. Similar to making an improvement to a bathroom or kitchen in a house, it will improve your sale price or appeal for selling.


Seatback Video System – If your vehicle has an active headrest restraint, you’ll want to look for a seatback system over a headrest video system. This system includes a monitor with an integrated DVD player that is installed directly behind the headrest on custom brackets. This design is slim and you can design it with materials that are complimentary to your vehicle.

Overhead Video System – An overhead system is mounted to the ceiling inside your vehicle and includes integrated DVD players, auxiliary inputs, and headphone transmitters, so passengers can set their own volume individually. This allows you to plug in games, tablets, and phones. The most popular screen for this system is a 10” unit, which is large enough for even third-row passengers.

Headrest Video System – The headrest video systems are unique in that the TV screens are mounted inside a custom headrest that matches the rest of your car’s interior (making it look factory installed). Built into this special headrest is an LCD monitor, up to two DVD players, auxiliary inputs and USB ports.

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