How Paint Protection Film Keeps Your Car Safe in Harsh New Jersey Weather

car paint protection film

And How You Can Keep Your Paint Looking Fresh for Years

Is your car ready for winter? Getting paint protection film for your vehicle is one of the best ways to save your paint from salty and icy roads, without having to get a new paint job. If you’ve never heard of car paint protection film, then it’s time you learn about all its amazing benefits. Read on to find out how you can protect your car from the elements and preserve your paint.

Car Paint Protection Film for Winter Roads

Whether you have a new paint job or want to preserve the color of your older vehicle, car paint protection film keeps your car looking fresh. You can have paint protection applied on your entire vehicle, or on certain parts that are more susceptible to damage. For instance, salt and chemicals from winter roads can destroy your bumper and hood. A high-quality paint protection film installation can prevent your paint from peeling and save you from having to pay big money for a new paint job.

Fast Fact: Did you know you can remove protective paint film? This makes it an ideal solution for leased cars. You can protect the exterior paint from damage, so you don’t have to worry about getting charged when you return the car.

Go Further Between Car Washes

There are lots of activities you can’t do in the winter, and getting to the car wash regularly is one of them. Thankfully, auto paint protection film makes your vehicle shine like new, so you can go longer without getting your car detailed. The best paint protection films do an excellent job at repelling dirt, dust, and grime that get kicked up by dirty winter roads. If you get your film dirty, simply wipe away the dirt with a soft cloth, and get to the car wash when it’s a little warmer.

Fast Fact: Car paint protection film is completely invisible, so no one will ever know it’s there unless you tell them. Even better, when the film gets dirty, the film underneath is absolutely pristine!

Paint Protection Film Prevents Scratches

Have you ever found a scratch on your car and cringed? Car protection film does an excellent job of keeping your paint from getting chips and scratches, because it prevents harsh materials like rocks, salt and sand from actually making it to your paint. It’s also hydrophobic, which means liquids, like slushy snow, will bead up and run off. The result is your vehicle getting less wear and tear in the winter, and you’ll drive into spring with a sparkling car.

Fast Fact: Some auto paint protection films are self-healing. If your car gets minor scratches or abrasions, your paint protection will restore its original gloss with a heat gun or over time with direct sunlight.

Get Reliable Paint Protection That Lasts

One of the best features of paint protection film installation is that you can experience the benefits for at least 10 years. Especially, if you take your vehicle to a professional installer that knows how to customize paint protection film to precisely fit your vehicle. Most brands of paint protection film come with incredible warranties, so you can always be sure your ride is looking its best.

Just remember that your results with auto paint protection film depend on your driving habits and your environment. To get a better estimate on how long your film will last, schedule an appointment with Auto Image, where we’re dedicated to providing you with the best aftermarket installations in New Jersey.

Fast Fact: It takes several layers of paint protection film to get maximum results, which means getting installed takes skill and special tools. Always have a professional install paint protection and any other aftermarket car accessories on your vehicle. That way, you can avoid making a costly mistake.

So, What Are the Cons of Auto Paint Protection Film?

The only con of paint protection film installation is when it’s done incorrectly. When you take your vehicle to a technician who is inexperienced in car paint protection film or try to do it yourself, you risk making your automobile look worse. Check out just three things that can go wrong if you don’t find professional paint protection film near you:

You Might Not Get a Good Fit

Auto paint protection isn’t one-size-fits-all, and the film needs to be custom fit to each individual vehicle. If you don’t know how to measure your car appropriately, you won’t get a secure fit with your paint protection film. This might cause damage to your paint.

A Cheap Paint Protection Film Looks Bad

Low-quality car paint protection film peels and yellows in the sun. Professional installers have access to the best paint protection films that won’t yellow overtime. Plus, they are the only ones who know how many layers of film your car needs for the best results.

You Still Need to Take Care of Your Paint

Car paint protective film can make your car look like new and protect your paint, but it can’t replace the look of a new paint job or fix scratches and dents that are already there. However, it can prevent new dings and dents in the future.

As you can see, the advantages of car paint protection film outweigh the disadvantages. All you need to do for an excellent paint protection installation is get to an expert, and you’ll be ready for winter in no time.

I’m Ready to Protect My Car From Winter – Where Is the Best Paint Protection Film Near Me?

Auto Image is your source for everything you need to drive in comfort this winter. Our experts can install car paint protection, so you don’t have to worry about harsh winter elements and chemicals from the road damaging your car. Don’t forget to ask us how you can protect your investment by combining a ceramic coat and paint protection for extra defense against the elements.

Ready to get started on protecting your ride? Call the experts at Auto Image! Contact our East Brunswick location at (732) 254-2727, our Brick location at (732) 920-0606, or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation for car paint protection film.

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