Change Your Car’s Look or Market Your Brand with a Layer of Vinyl

Restyle your vehicle at Auto Image on the Jersey Shore. Everyone has their own style that makes them standout; your car should, too! You can achieve a unique look with vinyl wraps that allow you to choose a new color or graphic design to emblazon on your vehicle.

We only use 3M for our vinyl wraps because it is the most durable and longest-lasting product on the market. It’s designed never to fade or crack over time and will last you for as long as you own the vehicle. Don’t settle for low-quality wrapping material; come to Auto Image instead.

Why Choose a Vehicle Wrap?

Never Be Limited by Car Paint Choices Again

Vehicle manufacturers offer a limited number of paint colors to choose from for their vehicles. When you buy a car, you may not end up with one in a color or finish you truly love, or you might want to adorn it with graphic elements to customize its look.

If you fancy a unique color, a matte finish, or a custom design, Auto Image in East Brunswick and Brick can make it happen with a vinyl car wrap.

Contact us to discuss your ideas with our experts: East Brunswick Store or Brick Store.

Protect Your Investment

After a home, your vehicle is likely your second-biggest purchase, so it’s a serious investment. Every day you drive, you risk damaging your paint with road debris, door dings, minor scrapes, corrosive bird droppings, and more. Damage then negatively affects your resale value.

When you have your vehicle wrapped in vinyl at Auto Image, you can protect the finish of your paint job for the duration you own your vehicle. If you choose to have your wrap removed, you’ll see that your car’s original paint is untouched and looks exactly the same as it did the day you bought the vehicle.

Perhaps even better: if you had your heart set on an exotic paint color and achieved it with vinyl, but your car’s next owner doesn’t like it, you can go back to your car’s original, more universally-appealing finish, so it is easier to sell. After all, a bright orange Cadillac Escalade probably isn’t everyone’s idea of a dream vehicle!

Vehicle Wraps Create a Unique Look

Aside from changing up your vehicle’s color or adding a special graphic to your door panel, you can also create a custom look unlike any other. For example, if you’ve always thought a carbon-fiber hood would look cool on your Challenger, a vinyl wrap that looks like carbon fiber fits the bill. Or perhaps you want a sky-blue matte body with a black roof? Driven to add racing stripes? These are not problems for Auto Image.

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Restyle Your Whole Vehicle at Auto Image on the Jersey Shore

Chances are, when you get your vehicle wrapped, you’ll also have a whole list of upgrades in mind. If this is the case, let Auto Image help you bring your vision to life. We can apply window tint, swap out your rims, add nerf bars, performance mods, or cover your truck bed at the same time.

If you’re looking for a vehicle makeover, we can do it all. Stop by our Brick or East Brunswick car audio stores, Monday through Saturday, where our team will work with you to customize your ride.