Paint Protection: Why is it Important for Winterization

car with paint protection film in winter

Adding Car Paint Protection Film is Key for Keeping Your Car Safe from Winter Hazards

Car winterization is not just about snow tires and remote car starts. Protecting your car’s paint from the wintertime hazards is just as important.

Scraping snow and ice off of your car can do a number on your paint, and don’t forget about the dings from the road and wear from road salt.

Invest in your vehicle this winter, and learn how you can protect your car from the outdoors.

Wash your vehicle

Protect your car from the corrosive effects of salt and water by washing it often. While you should concentrate on the paint, don’t forget the car’s undercarriage, as that is usually the hardest hit during the winter season.

As you drive on salted roads, your tires fling the salt upward underneath your vehicle. Washing off the salt from the undercarriage helps to prevent the development of rust, which can lead to mechanical failure and autobody issues.

Wax your car’s exterior

On a warmer day of the winter, take your car out, clean it thoroughly, and throw on a quick wax. By applying wax, you are adding a protective layer over the paint.

Wax creates a barrier between the body of the car and the snow, ice, salt, gravel, and dirt that is everywhere during the winter. Applying wax during the end of the fall is always best – especially before the first snow.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can visit a full-service car wash or an auto detailer to take care of it for you.

Keep your car parked indoors

Avoid parking on the street when possible. Snow plows and salt trucks are in abundance in the winter, and they pass on the street at all hours of the day, before, during, and after major winter storms. You don’t want your vehicle to get an extra helping of snow or salt dumped on it, especially if your goal is protecting the paint.

Parking on any street also leaves it vulnerable to damage caused by other cars driving nearby. If possible, park in a garage or even a private driveway.

If you can park indoors, you’re also reducing the risk of your car sustaining interior damage and fading from the sun’s rays. For added protection, consider window tint installation from Auto Image.

Carefully remove snow and ice from your vehicle

Don’t use the standard harsh scrapers and brushes to clean off your car. These abrasive tools aren’t good for your car in the long term. Opt for a brush with soft bristles or a specific snow removal broom with a foam head.

Use your vehicle’s defrost options to speed along the process without having to lift a finger.

Keep your car covered with a fabric cover or auto paint protection film

If you do have to keep your car outside during the winter and it is exposed to the elements, get a fabric car cover for it.

Make sure the fabric cover is designed for cold weather protection, and that it keeps excess moisture and ice off the car’s paint. This will also help decrease the wear caused by scraping ice and brushing snow off the vehicle.

You can even have a protective film added to your vehicle to help keep your paint in good condition. It’s invisible, so no one can tell you’ve had it installed.

Where to find paint protection film

If you’re intrigued by the idea of auto paint protection film, then you’ve come to the right place. This clear film protects your car’s paint against minor marks and scratches, which will ultimately decrease the total amount of body work you may need to perform and help your vehicle retain its value.

If the film ever sustains damage, our auto accessories shop can peel it off and replace the piece. This is far less expensive than professional paint jobs and ongoing body repair to keep your vehicle pristine.

Protect your paint and upgrade your ride at Auto Image in New Jersey

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