Product Spotlight: AudioControl LC-1.800

AudioControl LC-1.800It should be evident to anyone who has been paying attention that AudioControl has been on a tear lately with the introduction of new car audio products and solutions. The latest addition to the company’s impressive arsenal of mobile electronic wizardry is the AudioControl LC-1.800 subwoofer amplifier. This compact amplifier has all the features required to make it the perfect addition to any audio system. Let’s look at how AudioControl has integrated its vehicle integration expertise into this premium amplifier design.

By the Numbers

The LC-1.800 is rated to produce up to 500 watts of power into a 4 ohm load and 800 watts into a 2 ohm load when powered with 14.4 volts from the vehicle’s electrical system. AudioControl rates the amplifier as having a signal-to-noise ratio of 102 dB, referenced to full power output. That equates to around 75 dB when referenced to 1 watt. The damping factor is specified as being 670 as measured with a 10 V output into a 4 ohm load at 100 Hz.

System Connectivity Features

AudioControl LC-1.800The amplifier includes an adjustable sensitivity control to allow source units that provide between 500 mV and 6 volts to drive the amp to full power. Dedicated speaker level inputs will accept up to 40 volts directly from a factory amplifier. Speaking of factory amps, the LC-1.800 includes the very cool GTO Signal Sensing circuit. GTO will activate the amp automatically when it senses a signal on the speaker level inputs. Those smart lads up in the Pacific Northwest kindly thought to have the GTO circuit supply 12 V to the remote connection so additional amplifiers can be activated when the LC-1.800 turns on.

The LC-1.800 includes a connection for the optional ACR-1 remote level control. The ACR-1 can be mounted on any flat surface or can be easily disassembled for mounting through a panel, with only the control knob and LED visible.

Signal Processing Functions

AudioControl LC-1.800A 24 dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley alignment crossover is adjustable from 30 Hz to 230 Hz, using a control on the top panel of the amp. A polarity switch inverts the output signal to further simplify the system tuning process. AudioControl has implemented its PFM subsonic filter at 24 Hz to provide lots of low-frequency output while protecting subwoofers from over-excursion situations in vented enclosures.

AudioControl’s patented AccuBASS processor is also included in the LC-1.800. This signal processing feature compensates for factory-installed audio systems that reduce bass output above certain volume levels. The feature includes a level and threshold adjustment. The threshold adjustment determines when the circuit is enabled. The level control determines how much boost is applied in the 50 to 125 Hz range. Your authorized AudioControl installer has all the documentation required to set up this feature accurately in your vehicle.

Installation and Configuration Tools

AudioControl always has ease of use in mind when developing products. Their MILC Source Clip and Gain Maximized indicators on the top panel of the amp dramatically accelerate the configuration process for the amp. The unique and truly amazing MILC circuit analyzes the output of the source device for clipping. If you are using a factory radio with lots of gain overlap, the MILC indicator will illuminate when the source has exceeded its maximum undistorted level. When the MILC LED illuminates, you have reached the effective “full volume” for that source.

The Gain Maximized LED illuminates when the amplifier is providing as much power as possible. You can think of it as an output clip indicator. With the input signal maximized, your installer will have the Gain Maximized LED blinking ever so slightly when you are at full jam.

The Nuts and Bolts

AudioControl LC-1.800The LC-1.800 is built around a finned cast-aluminum heat-sink with lots of surface area. The amp includes four mounting holes for easy installation and comes in at a very compact 9- by 8-inch footprint. A terminal block makes power and ground connections and will accept 4-AWG wire. The Remote In/Out connection is in the middle of that block. On the other end of the front panel is the speaker output terminal. This block will accept 8-AWG wire without any problem. Signal inputs are handled by a pair of chassis-mounted RCA jacks or a removable four-position terminal block.

Check Out An AudioControl LC-1.800 Today

If you are in the market for an amplifier for your subwoofer, the new AudioControl LC-1.800 checks all the boxes in terms of features and connectivity. With 800 watts available, this amp is the perfect solution for a single high-power subwoofer or a pair of moderately rated subs. This article is written and produced by the team at Reproduction or use of any kind is prohibited without the express written permission of 1sixty8 media.