Product Spotlight: BAK MX4 Folding Bed Cover

BAK MX4 Folding Bed CoverIf you are in the East Brunswick or Brick area and are looking for premium protection for your pickup truck, drop by Auto Image and ask about the BAK MX4 folding bed cover. Designed to work with most Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Nissan, Ram and Toyota trucks, the MX4 cover guards against theft and keeps the contents of your truck clean and dry.

Durable Construction

BAK MX4 Folding Bed CoverThe BAK MX4 folding bed cover is constructed from foam-core reinforced aluminum panels with a UV-resistant matte black finish. The cover is locked in place using a concealed latch system. To open the cover, flip down the tailgate and pull the release cable on either side. The rear panel lifts up and the cover can be folded quickly and easily. There is no visible mounting hardware that can be damaged by water intrusion or dirt, sand or debris.

Easy Bed Access

BAK MX4 Folding Bed CoverThe cover can be held open in two ways. BAK Industries includes straps to secure the panels in what they refer to as the First Down position. The rear-most large panel remains in place and the panels on top are secured with the strap. For increased access, you can flip up the last panel against the rear window of your truck. BAK includes D-shaped rubber bumpers to prevent damage. In the full-upright position, the cover acts like a headache rack to protect you from shifting cargo. You only lose about four or five inches of access when it’s in the upright position.

Seamless Installation

The cover includes all the required hardware we need to provide a sleek, smooth installation. A bulkhead seal is provided to prevent water from getting into the bed behind the cab. The side rails are held in place using provided C-clamps and no drilling is required. BAK includes a set of drain hoses to evacuate any water that gets into the rail.

See the BAK MX4 Folding Bed Cover at Auto Image

If you are shopping for a bed cover in eastern New Jersey, drop into either Auto Image location and ask our team about the latest products from BAK Industries. For more information, send us an e-mail using our contact FORM.