Product Spotlight: K40 RL360i

K40 RL360iWith New Jersey ranked as one of the states with the most police speed traps, it’s no wonder that so many New Jersey clients inquire about premium radar detector solutions like the K40 RL360i here at Auto Image. Designed to provide early warnings to radar use and defuse laser measurement signals, the Rl360i is one of the top speeding ticket protection systems available. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this unit.

Dual Radar Receiver Protection

K40 RL360iThe RL360i is a custom-installed radar detector. Rather than mounting the system to your windshield, we integrate the components of the system into your vehicle. The system provides excellent X, K and Ka radar band sensitivity using separate, dedicated front and rear radar receivers. We can conceal these receivers behind your bumper covers with no adverse effect on their performance.

When the system detects radar, it will alert you by illuminating a small but powerful LED on your dash and stating the direction and type of radar signal it has detected through a hidden speaker under the dash.

False Alarm Protection

The RL360i includes a K-band filter as well as a traffic sensor filter to reject alerts from radar-based vehicle safety systems and traffic flow monitoring stations. With an onboard GPS receiver, you can mark locations of false alarms, dangerous intersections and common speed traps. When you approach these locations, the system will alert you.

Speed Laser Defense System

K40 RL360iPortable radar and laser detectors only alert you after an officer has measured your speed using a lidar gun. The RL360i laser defusers help make your vehicle invisible to Lidar. The system is compatible with as many as 10 Defuser Optix transceivers. We will work with you to determine an appropriate number of units to provide reliable protection and coverage based on the size of your vehicle, but for most, one or two sensors is adequate.

Expert Installation Services

As always, we will treat your vehicle and the equipment we install with the utmost of care. We mount each component in a way that provides maximum performance and reliability while minimizing modifications to your car or truck. We route wiring to ensure it stays safe and maintains the OEM look of the vehicle – even where you can’t see it. Attention to detail is important to us.

Install Confidence with the K40 RL360i

If you are in the Brick or East Brunswick area, drop into the Auto Image location nearest to you. Ask a member of our sales team about the K40 RL360i. They would be happy to demonstrate how the system works and provide you with a quote for integrating one into your vehicle. For more information, feel free to call one of our stores or send us an e-mail using our contact form.