When Getting your Windows Tinted, Choose Computer-cut Tint

Computer-Cut TintAuto Image in Brick and East Brunswick offers the best computer-cut tint in the Jersey Shore. What is the difference between a shop that cuts window tint by hand and one that uses a plotter? Does one look better than the other? This article explains why we have invested in computer-controlled window tint plotters for all three of our locations, and why this is a benefit to you.

Your Vehicle is Not a Cutting Board

Installing window film on your car or truck requires cutting each piece of tint to size and applying it to your window. Historically, tinters would lay a large piece of film over your window and, using a bright light, cut along the visible edge of the window with a sharp knife. Once the tint is cut, it can be installed on the inside of the glass.

The problem with cutting window tint on your vehicle is that the knife can mark or scratch your glass. These cut and scratch marks can cause stress points in your glass that could lead to failure in sudden temperature swings or if a hard object hits the glass. Removing the scratches and cut marks is nearly impossible.

Hand-cutting window tint also runs the risk of damaging the rubber seals around your windows and plastic trim. Your paint can be scratched because someone is leaning over your car or truck for extended periods of time. We are not saying that tinters that cut by hand cannot do a good job – they simply expose themselves and your vehicle to more risk.

The Computer-Cut Tint Solution

Computer-Cut TintTo provide our customers with the best possible window tint installation, each of our locations has a window film plotter. The plotter uses a sharp knife on a motorized cutting roller. The blade can move left to right, and the roller moves the tint forward and backward. The plotter will cut your window film to the correct size for almost every application.

Which Method Looks Better?

Can a veteran window tinter do just as good a job of cutting film as a computer-controlled plotter? Nine times out of 10, the answer is yes. However, what about those days when there are distractions? What if the knife gets dull? A fact of life is that accidents happen. Cutting your window film on a plotter means that we do not go near your vehicle until it is time to clean the windows and begin the installation. The plotter cuts the same path every time. The lines are perfectly straight, with no jagged or wavy edges.

Isn’t Faster Less Expensive?

Some clients have asked us why we do not discount our tinting services because we have to do less work. This is a fair and logical question. The answer is that the cost to purchase and operate the plotter is significant. We also pay a monthly licensing fee for access to the cutting information for each vehicle. We incur more overhead expense to cut your tint with a plotter, but it saves us time during the installation process as well as protecting your vehicle from cuts and scratches. We think that avoiding damage to your vehicle is worth the expenditure.

See the Tint Experts at Auto Image

We are proud of our investment in tint plotters for our shops. When it is time to have window film applied to your vehicle, drop by our location in Brick or East Brunswick. We would be happy to show you how great computer-cut tint looks. For more information, send us an e-mail using our online FORM.