Why Auto Image Doesn’t Offer $99 Tint Jobs

Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick, New Jersey, has been the leader in window tinting on the Jersey Shore since 1987. When the company was founded, our thought process was to offer high-value products to our clients that would stand the test of time. Nowhere is this more evident than in our window tinting.

$99 Tint Jobs Are a Bad Investment for You

As you can imagine, pricing on window tint can vary greatly- just like anything else you can buy. Unfortunately, some shops have decided to promote $99 tint jobs, and the reality is Auto Image can’t tint your whole vehicle at that price and give you a quality product. An important exception here is when we are only tinting the front two windows on a truck or SUV, and then we do have products in that price range.

Tint that Turns Purple

When you invest in an inexpensive tint job, you will be getting offshore window film that uses substandard methods to color it. In simple terms, the UV rays of the sun will slowly begin to make the tint fade as soon as it is exposed to direct sunlight. We have removed tint that is only six months old that already turned purple! All our films are color stable, meaning they will never turn purple on you. We guarantee it.

Film that Delaminates and Bubbles

Have you ever noticed a tint job that looked like it had lots of big bubbles on the windows? Those bubbles are the result of the two layers of film delaminating. The glue used in a $99 tint job can’t handle the sun’s IR or UV rays, so it breaks down and starts pulling apart. When you come to Auto Image, this won’t happen.

Better Quality Workmanship

A quality tint job needs highly skilled installers along with dedicated tint bays. When you choose us, you get both. We don’t tint outside as dust and dirt are sure to get into the final product. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a company offering such a low-cost tint job has to have low-paid employees that can bang out the vehicles as fast as possible. Around here, we give you a quality product that you will be proud to show your friends and family.

Save Money in the Long Run

Look at it another way: You spend $99 to tint your car. Six months later, it needs to be removed because it is failing, so you then come to us. You now have to pay us to remove that film and then retint your vehicle. You would have saved money in the long run by coming to us in the first place.

Multiple Film Levels to Fit Any Budget

Now that you know why an ultra-low price is not the best choice for you, we do want you to know that when you come to us, you will find several different grades of tint film at varying price points. Do you just want a tint job for cosmetics? We have you covered. Maybe you want a high-performance tint job that dramatically reduces the sun’s heat? Yep, we have that. Or, maybe you want window film installed on your vehicle to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays? We offer 3M film that is regarded so well by the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is a recommended product.

See our Interactive Displays in Person

We invite you to stop by any of our convenient Auto Image locations and experience our different films on an interactive display. You can see and feel the benefit of our different grades of tint. You will discover which one is best for your needs. If you prefer to email us for more information, simply click HERE.