Which Auto Subwoofer Enclosure is Right for Me?

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Find Your Auto Subwoofer Box in New Jersey

The secret to achieving a rich, full bass in your car stereo system is to install a subwoofer. They can do a lot for your car audio system, allowing you to feel the beat throughout your whole body and put life back into your music.

For your subwoofers to perform at their highest potential, it’s important to have the proper auto accessories.

An enclosure can protect your auto subwoofers and bring out the bass.

What is a Subwoofer Enclosure?

Whether your eye has been on auto subwoofers for a while or you’re completely new to the idea, you’re going to need a subwoofer enclosure. Also called a sub box, these components help keep your speakers safe.

So, what exactly are we protecting them from? If you’re familiar with auto subwoofers at all, you’ll know that when these speakers work, you experience a vibrating sensation and your whole vehicle shakes to the beat of your tunes.

What you may not realize is that this constant shaking can actually damage your speakers if you aren’t careful. As your auto subwoofers move, they collide with the mounting space and might fall apart over time.

Luckily, enclosures can prevent them from disintegrating because they’re able to withstand and contain the speaker’s vibration.

But be careful– there are various types of enclosures, each supplying a different outcome.

How Do I Know Which One is for Me?

The subwoofer box you choose determines what kind of bass you’ll get. There are three kinds of enclosures that each serve a unique purpose, depending on your car audio goals.

Let’s dive in.

Bandpass. If you consider yourself a basshead, this enclosure is the perfect one for you. Bandpass enclosures are bigger in size, so you’ll need more trunk space. It stands out from the others because of its ability to produce louder bass at various frequencies.

The bandpass is especially noteworthy, as it integrates both a sealed and ported enclosure. Its design features two chambers, one being a sealed box, where the subwoofer is held, and the other is a ported box found in front.

The difference between a bandpass and ported box lies within the location of the port and rear of the driver. The port in a regular ported box is found in the same enclosure as the rear of the driver, but these two are separated in a bandpass.

A bandpass enclosure thrives with genres including metal, hard rock, and hip-hop.

Ported. Ported enclosures are the most efficient because they use less power to provide you with more volume. With this kind of enclosure, your bass is louder and more boomy.

Ported boxes feature an additional small port that vents out air, equalizing the overall pressure within the speaker.

With this kind of enclosure, your sound will be less accurate, but your auto subwoofer won’t have to work nearly as hard.

Ported enclosures are great for metal, hard rock, or EDM music.

Sealed. A sealed enclosure produces a cleaner, more accurate bass. Rather than volume, its main priority is accuracy. To receive the same loudness you’d get from a ported box, you’ll need additional auto accessories, such as an amplifier.

Like the name suggests, a sealed enclosure doesn’t have air ports in its design. Because no air is escaping, more pressure is added to the speaker’s body, which helps achieve that accurate sound.

Sealed enclosures are perfect for jazz, pop, folk, and other “light” genres.

Get A New Sound with Car Stereo Installation

If you’re ready to turn your music up a notch, car stereo installation will get you on the right track. This can be a gradual process, or you can completely revamp your car audio system all at once.

Car stereo installation includes adding auto accessories to your ride to enhance your car’s factory audio system. Gain access to the latest technological features when you install a brand new stereo or bring your music to life with new speakers, like auto subwoofers.

Subwoofers let you feel your sound, as they bring out the bass in your tunes.

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