Why You’ll Want a Car Vinyl Wrap in 2023

vinyl car wrap

Personalize and Enhance Your Ride with Vinyl Car Wrapping at Auto Image

A new year is upon us, meaning you’ve probably started thinking about how you’d like to make your luxury ride better in the coming year. Say your vehicle is already dressed with a new, advanced aftermarket stereo system, tinted windows, and high-efficiency LED headlights. You might think there aren’t any other ways to make your ride turn heads on the road. However, a vinyl car wrap can transform the exterior of your car and make it truly yours. Customize your Mercedes to be bright orange, or opt for a wrap that will make your Audi resemble your favorite shade of blue.

At Auto Image, our vinyl car wrap services can give your car a complete makeover and protect its original paint job at the same time. Here’s why you’ll want to welcome 2023 with vinyl car wrapping from Auto Image.

What is a Car Wrap?

A car wrap is a large vinyl decal or graphic that covers the car’s exterior. Drivers install them for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to achieve a quality paint job or optimize their ride with a custom design. Companies also use car wraps to brand their fleets with their logo.

If you found yourself settling when it came to the paint color of your vehicle, vinyl car wraps are an easy way to finally get that perfect shade you’ve been longing for. They’re a great alternative to paint jobs, and can be easily removed when it comes time to put your vehicle up for sale.

Reasons to Install a Car Wrap Onto Your Ride

When drivers decide they want to customize the exterior of their vehicle, they are faced with a choice: painting it or wrapping it. While both will get the job done, car wraps simply offer more, making them an aftermarket accessory you’ll definitely want to add to your ride this year.

More Quality

Vinyl car wraps are higher quality compared to paint jobs and are guaranteed to keep your ride looking its very best for years to come. They are specially designed to not only protect your car’s exterior, but to also prevent it from fading or cracking. Wraps are made of long-lasting, durable materials that can effectively withstand weather, road hazards, and sun exposure, providing your vehicle a flawless finish, even in the most threatening conditions. The high quality materials of vinyl car wraps ensures drivers get more for their money.

Pay Less, For More

When you enhance your ride, you want your car to look its best, but you also don’t want to pay a fortune for it. Luckily, high-quality car vinyl wrap is typically offered at a much lower cost than what drivers would pay for a premium paint job.

Vinyl wraps are also made to last, meaning you won’t have to pay for exterior maintenance throughout your car’s lifetime. This will save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Protect Your Paint

On the road, your car’s paint is vulnerable to road debris, door dings, scrapes, bird droppings, among many other damaging factors. When car vinyl wrap is placed on top of your vehicle’s paint, it provides it with an extra layer of protection. Think of it as a resistant barrier between your paint and harmful outdoor elements that can seriously impact your car’s appearance. Having a car wrap will keep your paint job in pristine condition, boosting its resale value later on.

Safe and Easy to Remove

Change your mind or putting your vehicle up for sale? Car vinyl wrap is easy to remove and leaves your car’s original paint untouched. The process is incredibly simple and is done by heating the decal, removing it by hand, and then using an adhesive remover for finishing touches. There will be no trace of your vinyl car wrap, and your vehicle will return to its original condition – if not better!

Turn Heads and Make a Statement with Our Car Vinyl Wrap at Auto Image!

At Auto Image, we want your car to be just as unique as you are. Our car vinyl wrapping services can make your Mercedes, Audi, BMW, or other luxury ride that much better and a true representation of your own personal style. To ensure maximum durability and longevity, we only use 3M for our car vinyl wraps.

Whether you’re wanting to optimize the exterior of your personal vehicle or upgrade and customize your business’ fleets, a vinyl car wrap is the perfect solution.

To get started, set up a car wrap consultation by calling our East Brunswick or Brick location. From there, our professional installers will work with you to bring your vision to life.

If you have any additional questions, send us a message online. We’d be happy to help!