Aftermarket Truck Parts to Improve Fuel Efficiency

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Improving Truck Fuel Mileage in New Jersey

Even though it may not be the top consideration when you first purchase a truck, fuel mileage is a major part of the overall operating costs of your vehicle. With gasoline prices expected to rise in the coming years, increasing your truck’s fuel efficiency will become increasingly important in keeping more of your hard-earned dollars in your wallet.

There are some simple things that you can do that can increase the fuel mileage on your truck, such as changing your oil at least as often as suggested by the manufacturer, making sure that spark plugs are changed on a regular schedule, checking the tire pressure, and adding a fuel injection cleaner to your gasoline.

These are simple steps that you can easily take to improve your truck fuel mileage that will not cost you much money. Beyond these simple steps, there are some aftermarket parts and changes that you can make to your vehicle which will further increase your fuel efficiency.

Even better fuel efficiency

Additional steps can be taken to increase the fuel mileage of your truck, and we at Auto Image have some solutions that will make your vehicle more fuel-efficient. When most people think of Auto Image, they think of improving the appearance of the vehicle and not making the operation of the vehicle more fuel-efficient.

At Auto Image we are a lot more than just truck accessories, truck bed liners, truck bed covers, and truck bed shells that help to protect your truck while making it look better. But remember that truck bed covers can reduce drag from the wind, improving fuel efficiency.

For over thirty years we have been providing our customers, including truck owners, with superior customer service and improvements that enhance the performance, appearance, and value of their trucks. We provide a wide inventory of accessories for you to choose from at Auto Image East Brunswick and Auto Image Brick in New Jersey.

Accessories for your truck

One accessory that you can add to your truck that serves multiple purposes is window tinting. You may think of window tinting as strictly an appearance enhancement that will make your truck look cool, but besides making your vehicle look great, window tinting will help to keep the interior of the truck actually cooler.

Keeping the passenger compartment of your vehicle cooler helps to improve fuel efficiency by allowing you to run your air conditioning in a more efficient manner that will put less stress on your vehicle’s engine. When the engine of your truck does not have to work as hard, the fuel efficiency will skyrocket.

We offer four different levels of window tinting products from Solar Gard and 3M in different price ranges, one of which is sure to fit your budget.

Our factory-trained experts in window tinting installation will make sure that you are satisfied with the appearance of your window tinting and sure that your window tinting will have a long life of service.

Window tinting also provides additional benefits that will enhance the value of your vehicle by protecting the upholstery and other interior surfaces from harmful sun rays that can cause fading and cracking.

Light custom wheels for performance and efficiency

Another accessory change to consider in increasing the fuel efficiency of your truck is to change the truck wheels. The stock wheels that come on your truck from the factory are not the lightest in terms of weight, and changing those stock wheels out for lighter custom wheels will decrease overall vehicle weight and increase your vehicle fuel efficiency.

We at Auto Image carry one of the largest selections and inventories of wheels for you to choose from, made from the most modern lightweight materials that will be stronger than the stock wheels that came on your truck.

We offer same-day installation of the truck wheels that you choose on our premises by our trained technicians. You will drive away with a vehicle that is not only lighter but will also look better with the shiny new wheels that you have chosen.

Auto Image also offers a wide array of suspension kits that will not only adjust the height of your truck but can provide better truck performance by decreasing the overall weight of your vehicle while improving ride and cargo-hauling abilities.

Auto Image has thousands of satisfied customers who will attest to our customer service and attention to detail that have kept them coming back whenever they need to purchase upgrades for their vehicle. Join our list of satisfied customers by stopping in to see us today.