Complete Towing Solutions Available at Auto Image

Towing SolutionsWhen it comes to towing solutions, Auto Image in Brick and East Brunswick offers a wide variety of options. From hitches and brake controllers for your truck, van or SUV to wiring and lighting on your trailer, our team of vehicle accessory experts can help you find the best solutions for your application. Let’s take a closer look at the towing accessories we offer.

Trailer Hitch Options

Whether you need a Class II hitch on the back of the family van to bring your bicycles along on vacation or a Class IV hitch on your truck to tow your boat, our team can ensure we get the right hitch, ball mount and ball size for your application. We have ball mounts to provide drop heights between 1 and more than 10 inches to ensure your cargo will be level and safe, as well as weight distributing hitches and sway control solutions to ensure your tow vehicle and trailer stay under control in every situation.

Brake Controllers and Vehicle Wiring

Towing SolutionsIf your vehicle isn’t equipped with a trailer plug, we stock a full line of wire harnesses, connectors and tail light converter modules to ensure your trailer receives the right signals.

If your trailer has built-in brakes, an electric trailer brake controller will be required. We offer time-based brake controllers and units with built-in accelerometers to ensure you can stop safely and efficiently. Many of our controllers have override switches to enable maximum brake force in panic and emergency stop situations. Our team of automotive electrical experts can integrate a controller into your vehicle safely, ensuring that wiring for high-current connections is safe and secure.

Trailer Wiring and Lighting

If the wiring on your trailer has seen better days, our team of technicians can replace harnesses, connectors, bulbs and lights to ensure your lighting and braking system operates reliably. We can install new brake and turn signal lights, work lights, cargo lights, and much more.

Vehicle and trailer wiring is often exposed to the elements. Our team never uses T-Taps, Scotchloks or Quick Connectors for our wiring. We solder all of our connections to ensure that they will be electrically efficient and mechanically secure for the life of your vehicle. We protect those wire connections with premium-quality vinyl electrical tape, and we loom all of our harnesses with automotive-grade cloth tape, split-loom tubing or plastic wire braid. Once we bundle the wiring, we secure the harnesses in place with UV-stable nylon cable ties. No installation is complete until we have tested all the functions and are 100% confident that everything is safe and reliable.

Trailer Accessories

Towing SolutionsIf you have an enclosed trailer and are interested in an entertainment system, our team of installation experts can make that dream a reality.

We have options for weather-resistant speakers on the outside of the trailer as well. We can add a camera system to let you see what is happening behind your trailer when you are driving or maneuvering. You can monitor the contents of your trailer while cruising down the road. Many of our clients with horse trailers like knowing that their Thoroughbreds are safe and secure on longer trips. We can even install a security system on your trailer that will page you on your smartphone if the trailer moves or someone tries to access it without your permission.

Auto Image is the Place to Go for Towing Solutions

If you are looking for a hitch, wiring or accessories to make using your work or weekend trailer easier, drop by Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick. Our team of sales professionals is available six days a week. You can reach us by phone or by e-mail using our online contact form for more information about any of our products or services.