Interior Leather Upgrade Options from Auto Image

Leather UpgradeDid you know that Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick can transform the look of your vehicle’s interior with a leather upgrade kit? If you want to change the color of your interior or upgrade from fabric to leather, talk to a member of our sales team. We can help you choose an upholstery upgrade solution that will look fantastic, and our team of installation technicians can install it correctly. Let’s look at what makes Auto Image the best place for upholstery upgrades in New Jersey.

Premium Leather Interior Kits

We work with a variety of suppliers to offer replacement leather seat kits that are custom-tailored for your particular application. These are not seat covers. Our kits are full upholstery kits made from high-quality materials. The kits are stitched together to fit snugly to the contours of the factory seat foam and are compatible with in-seat airbags, occupant detection systems and seat heater elements.

Custom Interior Options

Leather UpgradeFor many applications, we can order a custom-colored leather upgrade for your vehicle. You can choose from a wide variety of leather colors and have them assembled in different patterns. Our suppliers can combine several different colors for the body and accent colors, then choose from complimentary or highlighted piping and stitching colors. Even if you already have leather seats, a custom-colored leather interior can have a dramatic effect on the look of your vehicle.

Premium Installation Service

Leather UpgradeAs with all of our vehicle accessory solutions, Auto Image offers expert installation for everything we sell, including leather interior kits. Our automotive accessory installation experts know how to remove the seats from your vehicle and install the new leather upholstery to make it look like your car came from the factory looking that way. We will ensure that electrical connections for seat heaters, power seat controls and airbags are disconnected and reconnected properly to prevent error codes and ensure proper operation.

Plan Your Interior Upgrade Today

Is the leather on your seats drying out or cracked? Is your upholstery stained or faded? Did someone damage a seat with a cigarette burn or accidentally cut the fabric? Leather upgrades will quickly and easily renew the look of your interior for less money than you think.

Visit Auto Image for Interior Leather Upgrade Solutions

If you are interested in a simple and easy way to transform and rejuvenate the interior of your vehicle, stop by Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick and talk to a member of our team. We will work with you to develop an upholstery upgrade solution that will look amazing.

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